16 year old high school girls think its mother was raped and killed,-noreply

16 year old high school girls think its mother was raped and killed, the original title: 16 year old of high school girls, was killed in May 20th this year, Changping District New Oriental foreign language school high school girl Yao Shu (a pseudonym) in the classroom was found dead, the suspect for the next class the male classmate Wang Heng (a pseudonym). After the incident, Wang Heng was arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide and theft. At present, the case has been returned to the public security organs prosecutors supplementary investigation. JINGWAH Times reporter Fan Rui 16 year old girl died of school according to Yao Shu mother Ms. Lee introduced the early morning of May 20th, in Shandong Dongying home she suddenly received a daughter’s school teacher’s phone, said the evening of 19, Yao Shugen Wang Heng went to the same grade boys has not returned. My daughter is very good, will not leave school without permission." Hang up the phone, Ms. Lee immediately call the daughter of mobile phone, but the phone shut off. Feel or have an accident, Ms. Lee drove home from home to Beijing. 20 at noon, rushed to the school, Ms. Lee was informed that the 16 year old Yao Shu has died. Since the morning after receiving a phone call from the school teacher, I repeatedly asked the school teacher alarm, but were rejected." Ms. Lee said. It is understood that, at the age of 8, when Yao accomplishment, Ms. Lee and her husband divorced, after raising Yao alone. Yao Shu not only cheerful personality, excellent performance, but also served as class cadres and student union officer. In addition, Yao Shu is still the main school volleyball team and karate club members. "Yao Shu is a good student." Yao Shu’s teacher in charge told reporters. Boys claiming manslaughter in May 20th at 6 am, in the classroom, a layer of the school, Yao Shu was found, but has died in the classroom, but the death of the man in the classroom, the death of 6. According to insiders, Yao Shutou was covered with large blood uniforms, hips. In addition, the same day at 7 in the morning, and Yao accomplishment with the next class boys Wang Heng was sent to the hospital on the way to his mother, with his mother’s cell phone alarm, said he would be killed by the fault of the Yao Shu. It is understood that Yao Shu and Wang Hengjun for the first year students. 2016 New Year’s Day party, as the host of the party Yao Shu attracted the attention of Wang Heng. After the party, Wang Heng went to the students to go to the WeChat of Yao Shu, and add friends. Later, two people regularly chat, the next month, Wang Heng expressed his love to Yao Shu, but the latter refused to learn. It is familiar with the introduction of two students, although Yao Shu refused to Wang Heng, but the two still chat. According to insiders revealed that Wang Heng believes that the two men and women is a friend relationship, during which also due to some trivial, quarreled several times. The night of the incident, it is because of the previous contradiction, the two went to the classroom teaching room no one to go to the classroom to chat at the usual 6. But Ms. Lee said the two men and women are not friends, and before the incident, Yao Shu had told her, Wang Heng always pestering her, my daughter said he hated him". Ms. Lee recalled a detail, in April this year, Yao Shu told her, because she stole Wang Heng in the school all students feel boyfriend, discredited her quarrel with Wang Heng in the classroom, which is using a mobile phone to hit Wang Heng’s face. Reporters on the accomplishment of the relationship between Wang Heng and Yao two questions to the teacher in charge of the confirmation of the teacher, the teacher said no knowledge of the situation, with the formation of the相关的主题文章: