19 year old guy because of the hot weather swimming drowning parents cry piercing stellarium

19 year old guy because of the hot weather to go swimming at the age of 19 drowning parents cry piercing the delivery boy, because of the hot weather the sea water, but also specifically bought a new suit, but do not know the water of the sea after he did not come out again. Finally, leave empty parents on the shore as he cried. The morning of October 28th nearly 10, the 19 year old boy’s body was delivered to the Xiamen blue rescue team picked up in Xiamen Central East Sea, from the past 48 hours. The sea water swimming trunks hot day tempted frost after Xiamen, the weather is still hot, therefore, there are a lot of people in order to seek the cool pleasure to swim in the sea. From Nanan, 19 year old guy in Jimei after work. It is understood that the day of the incident, 26 PM, trabecular and peer delivery back when passing along Xiamen Central East Sea, because feel the weather is too hot, so the cool idea to swim in the sea. Therefore, small to beam also bought a new pair of trunks. According to the companion said, two people out of position, near the Houtian community near a construction site. Because of the hot weather, two people in order to cool down, has jumped into the room. Due to the small beam non water, splash in the water two, soon disappeared. "We are under the water, but I swim in front of him, not long to turn around and see the shadow of others." Xiao Liang’s companion said, this value at low tide, want to search, but could not find others. Two days after the incident eventually found drowning juvenile on the morning of 27, blue rescue team received a small beam family help information. When receiving help information, we are still on the way back to Xiamen field rescue. So, in the afternoon of the 27 day we arrived at the train station, the first time went to Jimei into the rescue scene." Blue sky rescue captain. It is reported that, due to the beginning of the blue sky rescue team can not borrow the search and rescue vessels, it is difficult to borrow later, it is already late, the search had to take more than 6 in the evening. 27 days of rescue no fruit. 28 am, under the coordination of the captain of the water for the fight, the local two old fishermen love to provide free of charge for the rescue of the two blue sea rescue team. After more than two hours of search and rescue, the rescue team at 9:50 or so, in the vicinity of the sea, offshore 2 km, found the body of the beam. Head lying down on the sea, the body has been swollen swollen, some parts of the body have a slight trauma, no signs of life." Blue rescue team said, because of the swollen corpses floating well, they first use rope fixed to the ship after the lift. The moment the trabecular parents came from Nanan pulled in to see the bodies, piercing cry. The Herald reporter Wen Hangwen army chart相关的主题文章: