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20 Chinese and foreign scholars jointly published academic papers questioned the Han Chun rain experiment in the laboratory. Recently, 20 Chinese and foreign scholars published papers questioned Han Chun experiment can not repeat. Picture Beijing News (reporter Xin Na) recently, one of 20 domestic and foreign scholars jointly written for "questions about NgAgo" (Questions about NgAgo) of the academic papers in "protein and cell" (Protein& Cell) magazine. This is also the first published, specifically for the Han Dynasty can not repeat the NgAgo experiment. Yesterday, Han Chunyu responded, scientific papers will respond with scientific papers, will be published in the near future experiments. But he said the experimental paper will not be published immediately. The paper said that the Korean spring experiment can not be repeated from the Korean winter rain article published more than 6 months, there is no laboratory public statement repeated experiments success. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, an article entitled "NgAgo" of the academic papers published online in the journal "protein and cell". According to the magazine’s official website, it was co founded by China’s Higher Education Press, Beijing Academy of Sciences and the Chinese society of biophysics. This paper, published by 20 scientists at home and abroad, questioned Han Chunyu’s experiment can not repeat. The author of this thesis includes previously 13 scholars China sound real name cannot repeat Han Chunyu, as well as the new 7 scholars, such as the human genome research in the United States NIH professor Shawn Burgess, associate professor of Johns Hopkins University School of life sciences, Zhongshan University professor Cheng Linzhao Huang Jun and other scholars. To solve the problem by one of the authors of academic academic channels, College of life science and technology Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Huang Zhi Wei told reporters that the main content of the paper is the experimental results in their laboratory were unable to reproduce the Han NgAgo spring. In addition to the previous 13 scholars, as well as new scholars. "Everyone in the same group of communication, all repeated experiments, but did not get the desired results". Another author of the Wenzhou University of Medical Sciences Professor Gu Feng explained that this is a scientific paper published in the form of letters, is the verification of the Han Chun paper. Published in the form of paper, in Huang Zhiwei seems to be through academic channels to solve academic problems. Academic evidence or to publish academic results, he said, the results will be sent out, it is hoped that more scholars to understand the real situation of this technology. If others have to repeat, but not repeat, they are not isolated". The focus of 120 scholars questioned what content? According to the paper, the experiments were performed independently by different laboratory researchers, but the results of the experiments did not prove that NgAgo had any genome editing activity. Huang Zhiwei told reporters that his lab has been repeated many times, but has not found the cutting effect, did not get the desired results. In addition, the rain Han previously announced the results need to reproduce the "experimental skills" excellence, and failed to repeat the experiment, probably because of the activity of NgAgo in cultures of bacteria or mycoplasma is very sensitive to such remarks questioned. The paper writes, from相关的主题文章: