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2016 Hangzhou Contemporary Drama Festival, the opening of the main international Meng Jinghui (Figure) Sina entertainment news by the director of art director of the Hangzhou contemporary drama festival of 2016, will be officially opened on September 20th, on. Five years, Hangzhou International Theatre Festival has invited 48 from France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and other parts of the world’s top drama, staged in Hangzhou nearly 100 performances, has grown into a very China international and contemporary drama festival. "Hangzhou International Theatre Festival" this year officially upgraded to 2016 "Hangzhou Contemporary Drama Festival", will focus on Contemporary Art and drama have the whole world in view, the current "Hangzhou Contemporary Drama Festival" will be invited to the world’s most prestigious five top international Drama Festival, contemporary drama works in the benchmark level of hangzhou! The Hangzhou Contemporary Theatre Festival special repertoire, all from France "Avignon Drama Festival", the British "Edinburgh Drama Festival", "Tokyo International Theatre Festival", "Wuzhen Drama Festival" and "Australia Adelaide Art Festival" and other top International Theatre Festival in the most unique and contemporary works. Many of his works for the first time to visit China, the repertoire of unprecedented strong, the current Hangzhou contemporary drama festival will undoubtedly become the world’s cutting-edge drama of the train. From the world of contemporary drama frontier works, will be staged in Hangzhou in 6 different theaters, the audience in Hangzhou, you can enjoy the world’s highest level of drama. Unprecedented lineup, the world’s five major drama festival gathered in Hangzhou, 1. The French Avignon Drama Festival funny clown wonderful day group Kallo first in China Kallo day mission to the French Tokebis troupe to bring the two from France Avignon Drama Festival works, Avignon Drama Festival is the world’s most influential Drama Festival, every year brings together first-class artists at the forefront of leading European and world theatre and dance multi domain and cross-border art stage. Avignon drama festival since 1947, has held 70 people around the world, is a drama and stage art workers yearning and fully deserve "temple". The body consists of three Kallo theater funny artist, they have created a large number of classic works of clowns, including "limbs, mind and a fantasy", "parrot", "miss Olga" and "moving" and other stationery, are popular with European and American commentators touted. This time, Kallo company will be staged in the two following French Avignon Drama Festival hot his works, and the "Hangzhou Contemporary Drama Festival" the audience a "clown carnival"! "A song of limbs, head and limbs" fantasy ", a song of mind and fantasy" is the classic repertoire retained Kallo group, has been staged in the famous French Avignon Drama Festival, 2011 Cirko and 2010 Festival wonderful, blasting Drama Festival to almost every 100% attendance! "Limbs, mind and Fantasia" co starred in the three member of Kallo group, the actor with exaggerated body movements, facial expressions and tight rhythm, staged a fantastic show wonderful crazy clown. )相关的主题文章: