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2017 quarter of the arrival of the new policy which is worthy of attention? – a new round of study abroad application season has begun, part of the application deadline for overseas universities gradually approaching. In order to attract outstanding students or improve the quality of education for international students, many popular destination countries continue to introduce new policies. The United States: the implementation of the new application system and the United States as the SAT ranking of the top students studying in the country, the change of their study abroad policy has been the most widely concerned. From this summer, the United States undergraduate study in the official opening of a new application system — CAAS (Coalition for Access Affordability, and Success), the application system will gradually have served for more than 40 years to replace. CAAS system put into use, the formal opening of 9 to 11 high school students. At the same time, commonly known as the United States college entrance examination SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) examination also carried out a comprehensive reform. But it is worth noting that, at present, the CAAS system is in the old and new phase, some schools are still using the old system; the old SAT examination results for the application of some schools are still valid. Britain: the introduction of a new visa pilot program in the United Kingdom this year, two major events occurred – the new prime minister took off europe. This has had an impact on British politics, economy, culture and so on. Students interested in studying in the United Kingdom, is very concerned about these changes will affect the policy of studying abroad. Local time on July 25th this year, the British Ministry of interior announced a visa for foreign students pilot program. Go to Cambridge, Oxford, the University of Bath and the Imperial College London graduate students, enrollment will be more than long more than 6 months visa, which compared with the previous 4 months extended for two months. This means that the students after the end of the course has a longer legal residence time, can be used for internships, job search, etc.. In addition, when applying for a visa, the Ministry of internal affairs no longer requires funding or academic credentials. However, the current policy applies only to University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Bath, the Imperial College of science and technology 4 institutions and graduate courses for the following 13 months. Australia: simplify the visa application process from July 1st this year, the Australian Immigration Bureau formally implemented the new policy of foreign student visa SSVF (Streamlined Student Visa Framework). This new policy is to simplify the student visa application process, brought several important changes: all international students will apply for a student visa, 8 student visa official simplified to two — a student visa and guardian visa; student visa application will all use electronic signature card mode, no longer accept paper-based visa; educational institutions of the Australian Department of immigration and nationality students comprehensive evaluation applied to determine the risk level of immigrant visa application, guide the students need language and funding certificate)相关的主题文章: