3 year old boy playing mother to rescue trapped in the flames (video) two people were injured candy candy

3 year old boy playing were trapped in the fire to rescue two people were injured mother 3 year old boy scalded by hot water burns up to 30% of the body around ICU outside the intensive care ward, Yuan Shaolong see son and wife, but he could hear his son sometimes crying, sometimes a wife crying, every sound like the needle like, let him the five foot man could not help but shed tears. In November 15th, the three member family suffered misfortune, their 3 year old son and relatives of the 3 year old children in the courtyard outside the wood hay play, stack firewood fire, the relatives of the children escaped, his children were trapped in the fire, the child’s mother burst into flames out of his son, both were burned injured. Protect the child out of the fire Yuan Shaolong lived in Huludao, Jianchang Province, usually children often play in the yard. There is a big stack of firewood, firewood and a stack of a gap formed between the walls, the children playing hide and seek in the. "Who would have thought the firewood pile can fire, do not know how." Burn children with mild small music Mama occurred not live sigh. Small music and strong relatives. In November 15th, around 2 pm, Yue mother and mother in the house Dazhuang Laoke, children playing in the yard. "I saw a stack of firewood smoke, I called the bad, we have to run outside the yard." Yue said his mother, his little music ran out, toulian are charred. Strong mother ran out not to see his son, at this time, the fire is burning firewood stack with the wind quickly, the flame was upwards. Strong mother moment did not hesitate to rush to find the child, find the child in the gap and the wall in the haystack. At that time the child has been scared silly, do not know to run outside. Because behind a great fire, strong mother to send their children to the other side to throw from the fence, but for a few times also do not give up. "The fire got bigger and bigger, I called them nianlia soon ran out of it, and then late." Happy mother said, strong mother holding the son, protecting the child body ran out with your body. Only a few minutes of time, her clothes are all on fire, back, arms, thighs and so many clothes burned away. Seek a doctor to save the child, my son is only the head and hand burns, I love to die, reluctant to put on the bed afraid of his pain, all day in his arms." Happy mother said, and burn it too strong disturbing. Listen to music by burning mother tells Yuan Shaolong strong, red eye. The children and the wife was burned when he was working in Shenyang, received a home phone he freaked out, hurried taxi back from Shenyang. Children and their mother was first sent to the local hospital for emergency treatment, the night they came to the Armed Police Corps in Liaoning province hospital burn center rescue. "I was on their side when the rescue, the children face skin off, has been in a coma, the mother still awake, but the face body has no good place, the whole body is bullae, also constantly ask the doctor to save the children……" Yuan Shaolong said it was not down, choking her head to the other side. Help them, "the child is a serious head burn, especially in the eyes of the heavier injuries. Children’s forehead burned skin, the future may affect the child’s eyes closed." Armed Police Corps Hospital in Liaoning burn center doctors told reporters that at present 9相关的主题文章: