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33 points! Ding Yanyu scored high hangchuang he didn’t crash Shandong team in Shandong is already lost Guangsha team in the round, but Ding Yan Yu Hang in the match UPS in the play, it is obvious to people. In this game, Ding Yanyu Airlines took the team’s offensive banner, a person would be 33 points. And to know is that 33 points, is Ding Yanyu’s personal career single field scoring high. It can be said that if there is no Ding Yan Yu Hang on court in the super standard of play, the Shandong team would have collapsed. First, beyond doubt is that Guangsha team playing in the CBA is definitely a good team, they not only tactical skill, and array brings together like Fortson, Holman, Hu Jinqiu, Wang Zheng, Lin Zhijie and the players. In the face of such a poor team, led the Shandong team and the rival Sike people, and not won the NBA champion Cole, nor captain Ding Yanyu hang Sui ran, but. The beginning of the game, Ding Yan Yu Hang showed a good competitive state, the outwire three points with a ball opened the prelude. In Ding Yan Yu Hang under the leadership of the Shandong team is occupy score advantage in the first section of the game. But with this game, Guangsha team launched a counterattack, Ding Yanyu is now out of the terminal, not only continuous counterattack succeeded again in three more steals the ball. If not Ding Yan Yu Hang in the second quarter last points, Shandong team will probably be larger than at the end of the first half points behind. After the easy side battles, Guangsha is more flowering, from Hu Jinqiu and Holman to Fortson and Li Jinglong inside, outside, are the gains. In contrast, a team of Shandong, is still a Ding Yan Yu Hang on the offensive end carrying the flag, his outside shooting and drove to the Guangsha caused great destruction. On the last day, Ding Yan Yu Hang state still, his outwire three points, a sharp break with the stability of the CIC, supporting the team bite the score. Although the Shandong team eventually lost the game work not completed, however, Ding Yan Yu Hang play, but the parties deserve affirmation. You know, in this game, the team scored 33 points, which is the highest score. In addition it is particularly worth mentioning is that the three Ding Yanyu Airlines 10 shots in 6, the hit rate as high as 60%, whereas Guangsha team team in three ball game was just hit for 6 ball. Ding Yan Yu Hang how brave on the outside, thus remarkable. At the same time, I have to mention is that the ship in the game of 33 points. The 33 points, but also beyond the previous single game of 31 points, thus refreshing a single record of personal career record. Of course, if we can continue this porcelain Ding Yan Yu Hang, which not only is likely to continue to refresh the record in the race, but will be an important Farmar Shandong team good impact ranking. (Ai Rui)相关的主题文章: