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UnCategorized Gone are the days when using the Internet to study was a novelty. Almost any course of study is now being offered online. Learning French online is now one of the easiest options available to otherwise busy people with a desire to pick up a new language. There is a .bination of free and paid options available. Some of the free online French courses are good as an introduction to the language. Serious learners will however need to eventually look for more advanced options. These advanced options are structured classes that incur a fee. Before deciding on an online French course, there are certain things to look for. To get the most out of an online foreign language program use these evaluation questions: * Who’s offering the course? Just about anyone can say that they are offering an online course. Many are scams or are offered by people who really lack the expertise to do so. Before signing up for an online French course it is a good idea to check into the credentials of the teachers. The teacher doesn’t even have to be professionally trained, but should be capable of teaching the subject. For example a native French person may be able to teach the language to beginners. Someone who has learned French as a second language can be good teacher. Knowing the experience or expertise of the tutor is especially important if you are paying for the course. * Is there an audio .ponent? It is impossible to learn a foreign language without an audio .ponent. Not only should there be an audio section, but it should be clear. Also, while hearing someone speak a language is good, it is even better to hear native speakers as well. In addition there should be a good pronunciation guide, both printed and audio. No language can be studied unless the student knows how to pronounce the new words. This is especially true for a language such as French, which is generally so different from English. Knowing how to read a foreign language is just half of the pleasure. Being able to speak and understand it is the ultimate goal. * Are there good reviews? These are not testimonials on the site, but actual reviews posted elsewhere by people who took the course. Doing a search for reviews of specific programs may bring up interesting results. By reading reviews it is possible to separate good online courses from the mediocre. Plus, reviews may allow the prospective student decide which approach to teaching French online is best suited to their needs. * Do they offer .munication with teachers and fellow students? There should be .munication with tutors so that questions can be asked and answers received. This can take any mode, whether it is email, instant messaging or even telephone calls if possible. Being able to .municate with fellow students in French can be an incredible asset to an online French course. A blog or forum can be specially set up for that purpose. * Are online French courses for me? Finally, online learning is not for everyone. You should know your own learning style to determine if you have the discipline to learn French online. Ask yourself the question, "Do I have the .mitment needed to succeed with online learning?" If the answer is yes, you may be the perfect candidate for learning French online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: