Worlds Top Shipping Companies 运钞车被劫匪炸开 柬埔寨禁出口沙子

Branding The distance from one corner to another in this world has been reduced in many ways, and shipping has the most important contribution there. But choosing the best shipping method is not a matter of guessing, people usually get confused to pick the right one for them. Let’s find out, who are at the top of the list. United Parcel Service, Inc.: Most popular and world wide recognized, always top ranked company is the UPS. It is a company based in USA and provide service to 220 countries across the universe. They are dealing with more than six million people and manage about 15 million boxes and containers to dispatch. They are very much proud company to be in the 1st rank of all shipping companies. DHL Express: Another market leader in this field with the service of air mail and sea shipping. Germany based DHL company providing express mail shipping from the year 1969. Though started with the service in San Francisco and Honolulu, they spread internationally in many countries within late 1970s and now a huge company with 275000 employees. FedEx Corporation: FedEx is a name of excellence. They have the strongest reputation of delivering products in time and without any scratch. The company is the pioneer in this field and managing hundred tons of cargo and freight forwarding. They also have their own civil aircraft to provide the shipping service internationally. United States Postal Service: United States independent organization who is providing postal service all over the country. They are highly organized with a large number of the work force and provide best services to all Americans without any discrimination. They ensure you a flat rate for all goods of every weight and updated technology to become user friendly. Schenker AG: This is the company who has a reputation and claims proudly to be the top European land mail carrier, and in the second position for air transporting. They are also a large organization who serves with the sea shipping facilities. With the number of 91000 workers and members of the company, Schenker is the proud owner of more than 2500 international offices. TNT N.V.: This was an organization who uses to provide service in the Netherlands and other neighboring countries. Their services were forwarding mails and goods. But this company split in to TNT express and TNT post. Former one is one of the largest Express company in the world who gives their finest service in Europe and the whole world through TNT airlines and vehicles. YRC Worldwide: This company has been in action since the year 1924. They are working as a strong network of transport and mail forwarding mainly in the North America. They also act regionally and internationally. The specificity of this company is, they are much more reputed in transporting heavy weight products and industrial shipments. Parcelforce Worldwide: A service from the UK who are a tough competitor to FedEx and DHL. They are providing services to around 34 European countries everyday by forwarding mails and parcels of about one million per day. This company is actually the professional name of Royal Mail group Ltd. They deliver their goods with the help of another partner network on particular countries. Royal Mail: It can be called an ancient one working since the year 1516 till now. It is a public limited company of the United Kingdom who serves the whole great Britain and Northern Ireland. They forward both parcels and letters to the destinations and also serve the third party logistics. Owner of this company is British Government. Japan Post Service: It was Japan post, owned by the Japan Government which existed from 2003 to 2007. They used to provide services of package and banking deliveries. It was the largest sector of employment with 25000 post offices throughout the country. Later, it becomes Japan Post Service Company Ltd, private sector for the year 2007. All those were about the top ten shipping companies throughout the world. Every company has their own terms and conditions and beneficial offers for their clients. It is really a messy work to pulling out the best one for you. But if you try to find out within these best ten companies, it can be assumed to be easy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: