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What Are The Biggest Relationship Mistakes And Why Do You Keep Making Them? Posted By: Candy Jannetta In my experience of years of attracting the wrong relationships and in my work as a Relationship Coach the biggest relationship mistakes which will stop you from attracting and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship are: Mistake # 1 – continually attracting partners who are unavailable. Mistake # 2 – continually attracting partners who need to be rescued. Mistake # 3 – continually attracting partners who need to change. These relationship mistakes come from patterns which are often deeply entrenched and programmed into your sub-conscience during childhood so you may not actually be aware that you are repeating them. Here are some tell-tale signs that you are making these biggest relationship mistakes. 1. Tell-tale signs that you are attracting partners who are unavailable. Your partners have other commitments in their lives such as work, children, family and friends or a hobby which take precedence over you. At the beginning of relationships, you get on well with your partners, have lots in common and feel strong chemistry but they play it cool with you. Your partners are still attached to their exes in some way such as not yet being divorced or giving emotional support to them.biggest relationship mistakes relationship mistakes biggest relationship mistakes Dating Advice: Slow Down, Love Is Plentiful Posted By: Brandon Grittini Let me jump right into it by telling you about a HUGE mistake you’re making. You are settling for the wrong person in your relationship. It’s a bold statement, I know, but I’m pretty confident. In fact, I recently conducted a relationship quiz, and the results so far show that 38% of respondents say their biggest fear in their relationship is that they picked the wrong partner! For some strange reason, we think that love is scarce. I’m here to tell you the opposite. Love is plentiful! Our whole lives, we are taught to be prepared, because things don’t last. It’s inherently built into us. Even big companies (US car makers) stockpiled inventories as if they were going to run out of necessary supplies. Then Toyota introduced to the Just In Time (JIT) principle. Just In Time teaches us to only use the resources necessary to get by. I think we need to carry this philosophy into our relationships, as well. Too often people settle for the wrong person in their relationship. Why? They seem to be afraid that they won’t find someone else who loves fall in love dating dating advice love 相关的主题文章: