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Have you ever noticed that some people are like human money magnets? No matter what they do, wealth just seems to stick to them. Take Donald Trump for example he approaches making money like it’s a game. This is the guy who built up a personal fortune of MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars Then he decided to launch his most ambitious project yet the ultra expensive, ultra posh Trump Casino in Atlantic City. I heard a rumor that this venture was so expensive that the mortgage payments worked out to several $1,000 per SECOND! Insane Before long, Trump’s creditors came knocking, forcing Trump into near bankruptcy. He almost lost everything and owed MILLIONS of dollars But my point is this Trump didn’t let this stop him. He had the mindset that money is something that simply sticks to him and he was confident that whatever he had lost, he could make back 10 times over. And he did! Trump is a human money magnet not because he’s smarter than you, or better educated than you he’s a self-made multi-millionaire because he has the empowering mentality that money sticks to him wherever he goes and whatever he does. So what’s YOUR money mentality? Do you attract wealth or drive it away? Some people spend most of their time thinking about what they can’t do or what won’t work. Some people, perhaps a Rich Idiot like you, think about how they can do something. In my early years of investing, most people told me couldn’t buy a property or own my first duplex (my Rich Idiot beginnings were in real estate) because I had no credit. Instead of listening to them, I found a cosigner who had great credit to partner with. I found the deals and my cosigner signed the loans with me so I could borrow the money I needed. What a winning team! Word of caution here: Make sure you’ve found a really good deal (take your time and crunch those numbers) before you commit your credit or especially someone else’s credit to a real estate deal. Now cast your mind back to those moments in your own lifeand you have them, I know you dowhen you accomplished something that people told you you never would, or never could. Remember that feeling? Want to feel that way again? Then stop thinking can’t and start thinking how. About the Author: Robert Shemin, JD, MBA, and Wall Street Journal bestseller, who was once considered the least likely to succeed," is a multi-millionaire who speaks to hundreds of thousands yearly, regularly sharing the podium with such financial luminaries as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Suze Orman and Tony Robbins. Shemin has worked with high-net-worth individuals for Goldman Sachs, helped create four companies, and been involved in over l,000 real-estate transactions. Find out more about Robe Article Published On: – Business 相关的主题文章: