the Multivan 冒充韩国艺人骗钱 鳄鱼将男子拖入水

Trucks Volkswagen have come up trumps once again with the VW Transporter van which is arguably the best selling van in the world today. Volkswagen, who produce vans not only in Europe, but also in South America and South Africa produce a range of Transporter variants that include. The Transporter van can be best described as a medium sized commercial van that carries loads of between 2.5 and 3.0 meters in length, but thanks to a folding front passenger seat, and the lack of a bulkhead oversized loads beyond this may be accommodated. At the end of the Second World War thousands of German engineers and investors scattered across the corners of the World, but particularly to these regions hence their popularity, not just because of their technical abilities. The vehicles are not restricted to panel vans and is utilized in the dropsied, the chassis cab, the Shuttle which is 9 seater minibus, the Multivan, which is a variant of the minibus and finally the Caravelle which is top of the range people mover. Most vehicles are sold on a lease since it is the most tax efficient method of purchase in the UK today, and leasing is also supported by the Manufacturer itself, who offer the customer extra financial help to use this method of funding. Many people get confused as to what a lease is. It is very similar to a loan, it’s just that an amount is offset to the end in order to reduce the monthly payment. This works particularly well with this product as it tends to hold it’s resale very well. However, you can set the final payment technically to zero if desired. Another popular variation on this is to pay rentals in advance, similar to a cash deal, which drops the buyers tax liability in a major way, whilst still still taking advantage of the leasing support. Volkswagen as ever has their attention to safety and ABS antilock breaks are standard. as is EBD, Electronic brake force distribution, and traction control . The range is all based around diesel engines from a respectable 84 PS up to a whopping 174 PS which really is a flying machine. The engines rely on "Pump Duse" technology which literally means pressure device. This means you can have your cake and eat it to us. More torque, more power, less fuel used. Volkswagen has basically done away with the pre-chamber which reduces torque and uses more fuel. All VW diesel engines produce a staggering amount of torque which means two things 1. They feel like there is more under the accelerator when you dive them 2. The vehicles trickle along at 80 mph doing just over 2200 RPM for both economy and a quiet life. " Many customers take their 174 PS diesel engines and enhance their vans up to around 220 PS, whilst we do not recommend this for warranty reasons I imagine this is quite a pleasant drive" , Ian Hill owner of Swiss Leasing. A basic panel van; an automatic diesel van; a 4×4 version, and even a six seater called a Volkswagen Kombi. The latter has a row of three seats in the front with three behind. This means that the owner can use the vehicle for work, as well as ferrying the family around at the weekend. Generally the vehicle is also ordered with blacked out windows in the side panels, thus creating a vehicle that looks little like a "white van" but more like a stylish MPV. The top of the range is much favoured by the surfing crowd and is named the VW Transporter Sportline, which is complete with a set of 18 inch alloy wheels, and leather as an aftermarket option. These vehicles also possess the 174 PS engine through a six speed gearbox producing a staggering 4000 nM of torque. We do not tend to enjoy the whole range in the UK, since there is even an Executive Version of the Transporter designed for VIPS that retails in Germany for over 80,000 complete with TV screens and aircraft style seats. A favourite extra that can be specified is a remote control parking heater, for those of who hate de icing cars on a cold morning. By remote control or timer, the vehicle is warmed up using a secondary battery and heating system, leaving the driver free just to step into a warm, safe, de iced vehicle. The majority of up takers are those who have had a vehicle stolen in the morning whilst leaving it running on the drive before work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: