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Insurance Equipping yourself with a basic information in regards to health coverage could save you from Financial ruin. It is not secret that the lack of health insurance could essentially ruin a person financially. The likelihood of landing in bankruptcy would be good. The State of California has a bountiful of options that would meet everyones needs. The applicant review process in is not regulated so you must think about whether you are eligible for private insurance. Insurers can rate you by age and health conditions. But they must offer you HIPPA eligible plans. HIPPA does not set to stringent of regulations on insurers. It offers them much flexibility. They can choose the plans they offer as HIPPA so long as they give 2 options. HIPPA does not have a set plan, only that the plan has basic benefits. HIPPA however, does allow the usual pre existing period. Depending on the number of participants that period can be 6-12 months. Insurers are not told how much they can charge in premium. They usually base there rates on like factors. They may base them on you health condition, your age and the economical location you live in. You may expect to pay a higher premium if you have 1 or 2 costly medical conditions or even a history of one. You should consider all this when trying to figure how much you can afford to pay in premium. Once you have established coverage you can not be cancelled unless you fail to pay your premium. The insurer must give you an opportunity for renewal every year. This regulation is to protect the consumer. The insurer is protected by being given the freedom to review your status and increase the amount of premium you currently pay. There are many plan options available to the consumer. Earlier we discussed the HIPPA plans but there are the HMO plans, the very popular PPOs and the financial savvy HSAs. So now that you know you are eligible for coverage it is time to look into these plans a bit. The 3 most popular plans are pretty easy to differentiate. The HMO plan has affordable benefits but is restrictive in the way of care. Your primary Physicians oversees all of this . With a PPO you have freedom to choose your physicians . The HSA is a benefit rich plan that saves in premium by allowing you to pay out of pocket up front with the financial reward later. You no longer have to go without health insurance you have been given the tools here to find the plan that meets your specific needs. Too many people land in financial ruin for a lifetime just for the lack of health insurance coverage. Do not let this happen to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: