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Business Training of employees, no doubt, plays an integral role in organizational lives today. While it comes handy in empowering employees with the company requirements, it also helps enable them to grasp and implement the newer conceptualizations of the firm. Developing the skill set of employees is the major objective of all training programs, whether done traditionally or online. However, most firms are shifting to the practice of online training programs in order to cut costs as well as time of both, the trainers and trainees. Following this, it hence becomes important to also manage the training programs in a systematic manner. It is here that efficient training management software comes to the rescue. Training management software, also known as learning management system is an application that serves the purposes of administration, tracking, documentation, reporting as well as presenting online courses and training sessions. Now, it is evident that larger an organization, higher would be the training requirements and hence, more difficult would it become to manage so many training programs for different employees. Functions of Training Management Software There are numerous functions that robust training management software performs. This includes centralization and automation of administration, self services and self guided services as well as assembling and delivering the training content quickly. Along with these, good software also permits the user to consolidate the training initiatives on a scaled web-based policy. Such software supports the option of portability and meets the standard required for your company. Effective training management software also enables the user to personalize the training material and hence further enable reuse of knowledge. Ultimately, it also delivers valuable online training, with the help of videos, presentations and webinars. The applications of such efficient training management software range from managing training and educational records in academic arenas as well as corporate training departments. While several colleges and universities offer online programs, a number of corporate firms also deliver online training to branches spread out over the world. At the same time, the software automatically maintains the records and registrations of candidates. Most of this software is web based, so as to enable access across the globe. Some software also provides an add-on of performance management systems, to organizations especially which churns out appraisals; skills gap analysis, assessments, successive planning as well as competency management. Training management software are hence, not only convenient to use but also practical in implementation. Anyone can start using it from any location and conduct effective training programs, sans the traditional hassles! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: