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UnCategorized Traffic is the lifeblood of any business, whether online or offline. It isn’t always the amount of traffic, but how targeted your traffic is. A thousand uninterested passers-by would not be worth nearly as much as a single paying customer. Free traffic is just as good as paid traffic, but free traffic requires more time and more work to generate, so if you think about it, maybe free traffic isn’t so "free" after all. Paid traffic, on the other hand, can come within days or even hours of you starting your campaign. If you could pay a certain amount to get a sale, and perhaps even a lead, how much would you pay? An important skill to have regarding paid traffic generation is to be able to constantly tweak your campaigns so that you are able to pay as little as possible to make that same sale. Here are some tips on how to properly buy traffic and how to maximize your return on investment (ROI): 1.Avoid traffic brokers. Never buy traffic from traffic brokers who offer packages like X number of guaranteed visitors or hits. You have absolutely no control over where this traffic comes from and what the people, if they are real people, are interested in. If you are going to buy traffic, make sure you have absolute control over these things so that the only thing that affects your conversions and your ROI are the quality of your ad and your product. 2.Track your campaigns. If you are buying traffic from multiple sources, make sure you have a way to track where your traffic is coming from. This is to identify which traffic sources are converting better for you. 3.Always split test your campaigns. If you find one traffic source which you find is providing you with decent conversions, see if you can make it better. Or, if one of your traffic sources isn’t doing as good as you would like, maybe it’s because your ad could use some tweaking. A simple rewording of a headline can have a dramatic change on your business. 4.Due diligence. If you are purchasing solo email advertising for example, or any other service which allows you to market to someone else’s leads or traffic, make sure you find out where they got those leads or traffic from. Are their leads double opt-ins to a reputable newsletter? When you’re purchasing traffic from a source, do those visitors choose to come to your site because they want to, or are they being forced or incentivized to? 5.There is no such thing as a set-and-forget paid traffic campaign. If you stop monitoring your paid traffic campaigns and something changes which causes your traffic to diminish or stop, then you could end up paying out of your nose for nothing in return. If you set a pay-per-click campaign on autopilot for example, then you could be in for a shock the next time you login and check your bill. Paid traffic is about maximizing your ROI, so you’ll need to constantly tweak and test your campaign for optimal results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: