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Arts-and-Entertainment Almost never do these musicians use digital effects to create their music. Third: You have to have a big amp to get a huge sound. NO!: Some of the most gigantic sounds that have been recorded have been done with smaller 10 -20 watt amps with the tube made very loud. Many infamous bands have stacks of amps on stage that are empty of speakers and a tiny amp tucked away behind the stack that is micd up into the PA system. Some guitarists are also using digital recreations (POD, Digitech etc) of their amps in the studio but many purist players still use a real amp and analogue pedals. Four: You should use lots of string wrap or turns around the machine (tuning) head to get stable tuning. NO!: Although B.B. King does use this method a better way is to have about 3 turns of string on the machine head and about 3-4 turns on the higher strings. However, the best way is to have NO turns of string at all, buy using locking machine heads such as spertzel or grover *machine head where the string is literally locked into place without any string wrap. Five: Single coil pick ups sound the best but they are too noisy. Truth: Yes and yes (possibly depending on your opinion) but there are many ways around this problem. The best way is to use hum canceling single coil pickups such as fender noiseless or any of the di marzio or Seymour Duncan hum canceling models that will sound JUST like a vintage strat but without the noise. The other way is to put a dummy load pickup in the guitar. ie: a pick up that is wired in the guitar (sometimes under the scratch plate of a strat type guitar) but does not produce any sound , it just cancels the hum and noise. Sixth: Cheap cables are just as good as expensive ones and I save money. Truth: It is way better to buy a good quality cable that has, quite often, a good guarantee. It will often last a long time and the difference in the quality has a huge bearing on the actual sound produced by your guitar and amp. It is no use having a great guitar and amp set up, and using low quality cable. Its like buying a Ferrari and putting re-tread tires on it. Always buy the best quality cable you can afford. Quite often you end up buying one good cable instead of cheap ones every 6 months, rendering them not cheap at all in the long run. Seventh: There is nothing you can do about strings rusting and losing their tone so may as well buy cheap ones or no name brands. NO!: there are several ways to make your string last longer. The simplest is to always clean your strings after playing with a lint free cloth such as a handkerchief and use a string product such as finger ease or fast fret which coats the string with a protective chemical. The other way is to use long life strings such as elixir or similar brands which use a Teflon coating to prevent string corrosion and loss of tone. Yes these strings are three times more expensive but they do, in my experience last eight (8) times longer and rarely do they break as often as regular strings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: