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Everything You Need To Know About Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes Posted By: Mukhtar Ahmed There are various types of stainless steel tubes, which are utilized in various industrial applications. A seamless stainless steel tube can be used in many industries like, petrochemical, gas or nuclear applications etc. It serves as a critical part of many industrial operations where there is a constant exposure to corrosive elements and high pressure, or if the wall of the tube is too thick that it is not possible for it to be rolled or welded. It is manufactured by drawing a forged hollow bar through a series of small dies, in repeated progression. There is absolutely no introduction of welding at any point of the manufacturing process of these seamless tubes, avoiding any form of miniscule changes in the structure of the grain of the tube. There are generally two processes in the manufacture of these tubes. First, a red-hot stainless steel forged hollow rod is formed using a pilger. Then the tube is cold drawnthrough a die, after it has cooled down a little. If needed, it is drawn over a plug or mandrel for further sizing. The cold drawing process continues till the specified size of the tube is achieved.stainless steel seamless tube stainless steel seamless pipe stainless steel seamless tube Importance Of Using Stainless Steel Welded Pipes Posted By: Mukhtar Ahmed Welded pipes are a backbone to most of the industries for industrial applications, ranging from food processing to pharmaceuticals. Most of the industries employ these pipes in the manufacturing processes. Stainless steel is a popular material choice in these industries as well because it is helpful in the transportation of liquids, gases and semi solid solutions. When it comes to welded pipes, these are highly resistant to corrosion and have high quality surface finish ability also. The welded pipes have remarkable features and properties which are useful in extensive applications of the industries. The pipes are available in various sizes and grades and as per the industry work the grade of the pipe is decided. Earlier, the construction methods of these stainless steel pipes were seamless, but with the advancement in metallurgic technologies and welding processes, more and more industries realized the benefits of using stainless steel welded pipes, than the seamless counterparts. The welded pipe is created by rolling over a flat steel plate and then welding the seam, to form a pipe. After the welding is done, the seam is removed from the external or internal surface of the pipe by a scarfing blade.stainless steel welded pipes stainless steel seamless pipe stainless steel welded pipes Why Are Pharma Packaging Products Important? Posted By: Mukhtar Ahmed Medicines, tablets, drugs, medical equipments etc. are very important part of the health care industries. All the medically used products are made with utmost care and under strict rules. The professional are skilled in making medical products that are used to treat the patients for various kinds of disease. However, it is not just the tablets, drugs and equipments that are important, but the packaging of which is done also plays a very important part as it has to be germ free, bacteria free and completely protected from the air outside. That is why pharmaceutical manufacturers heavily rely on pharma packaging products that help their products stay in good condition and are well maintained under any conditions outside. Pharma packaging products Most of the pharma products are packed in glass or plastic bottles, some of the tablets come in aluminum foils or plastic and aluminum foils both combined. Due to the quality of plastic that does not always comply with the rules and regulations, it is highly important that companies use plastic that meet the approved grades that are used for pharmaceutical companies. There are very strict rules as to what to use for the packaging of drugs and medicines.pharma packaging plastic bottle chemical pharma packaging Use The Durable Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Posted By: Mukhtar Ahmed Pipes and tubes do not get easily perished even when they are exposed in the water for a long time. Here lies the uniqueness in the feature of the pipes and tubes made of stainless steel. These two important components used mostly in the heavy engineering industry meet the regular needs of the automotive industry. What the most striking characteristic of the steel pipes and tubes are their high rigidity and light weight, which in result have brought a huge reduction in the total cost of the automotive industry. They have the huge fire resistance power, durability and recyclable in nature which again made them an incredible part of oil rigging and pipe laying tasks. Offers customized pipes and tubes Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe and tube are one of the most commonly used steel pipes and tubes and their utility has made them a point of discussion in the engineering industry. While some individuals like to use the welded pipes and tubes, some others prefer to use Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe and tube because of their most advanced feature and high quality.stainless steel seamless tube stainless steel seamless pipe stainless steel seamless tube The Use Of A Variety Of Seamless Steel Pipe Posted By: yicheng seamless steel pipe carbon steel seamless pipe seamless steel pipe Exports Of Stainless Steel Pipe And Blue Sky Posted By: sunnies Exports of stainless steel pipe and blue sky In recent years, the rapid development of China’s Stainless Steel Pipe industry, in addition to gradually meet the domestic demand for stainless steel in the export market gradually began to occupy a certain share can be seen from the first quarter of 2012 statistics, China’s stainless steel tubing Overseas orders gradually increased, the export of Stainless Steel Pipe industry to grow. According to the manufacturer to reflect, in March, some manufacturers overseas orders than 1,2 month increased by 20% -30% currently access overseas orders are mostly delivery in April or May, I believe in the second quarter, the export market or better performance, Songyang, Zhejiang Province, the list of the export base, stainless steel industry continue to grow and develop foreign trade business is increasing year by year, the Stainless Steel Pipe export markets increased year by year. The domestic stainless steel industry, the varieties of steel pipe, with its own technology, products will be recognized by more foreign markets, through cooperation at home and abroad, the domestic pipe manufacturing level is also increased year by year, the proportion of the varieties of steel is also year after year to strengthen.Exports of stainless steel pipe and blue sky Exports of stainless steel pipe and blue sky Stainless Steel Tube Posted By: sunnies Stainless Steel Tube is a hollow circular steel strip, are widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery, instrumentation and other industrial pipes and machinery components such as. In addition, the bending, torsional strength at the same time, light weight, so it is widely used in the manufacture of machinery parts and engineering structure. Also used as the production of a variety of conventional weapons, shells, gun barrel. Stainless Steel Tube can be divided into Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe and Welded Stailess Steel Pipe two categories, according to the different manufacturing processes can be divided into: hot rolling, extrusion, cold drawing and rolling the several basic types, according to the section shape and can be divided into a round pipe and tube shaped, wide application is a circular steel tubes, but there are also some square, rectangular, half round, hexagonal, octagonal, equilateral triangle shaped Stainless Steel Pipe. To withstand fluid pressure Stainless Steel Tube for hydraulic test to test its loading capacity and quality, under specified pressure can not leak, soaked or expansion for qualified, some Stainless Steel Pipe according to the standards or the requirements of the flanging test, flaring test, flattening test.Stainless steel tube Stainless steel tube Stainless Steel Tubes In Various Industrial Applications Demand Posted By: sunnies Automobile industry Use of stainless steel pipe is the main exhaust system for automotive stainless steel, total amount of 1 / 2 above, 80% for ferritic stainless steel. Automobile engines through the waste gas inlet pipe, pipe, hose, converter, the center pipe finally from the muffler outflow. Exhaust system common grades of 409L, 436L etc.. Car muffler main use of stainless steel welded pipe. According to calculating, the car used in the stainless steel tube of stainless steel tubes for the entire lower dosage by approximately 1.5%, and stainless steel seamless pipe and welded pipe using ratio of approximately 2: 1 Petrochemical industries include chemical fertilizer industry The stainless steel pipe in great demand, the industry used mainly stainless steel seamless tube, specifications include: 304, 321, 316, 347, 316L, 317L, e 18 – e od in about 610, the wall thickness of about 6mm-50mm (generally use specifications in a 159mm above in the low-pressure pipeline ), specific application the areas of: furnace tube, a material delivery pipe, a heat exchanger tube. How Many Led Chips Used In 2010 Shanghai World Exposition Posted By: Steven Jiang 2010 Shanghai World Expo is the world’s biggest LED show field, Expo Park also is the world’s largest LED demonstration area. It is reported that 1.05 billion LED chips were used in the Expo Site; World Expo venues indoor lighting uses about 80% of the green LED light source, the energy saving got to 90% compared with incandescent. 1.05 billion LED chips create the perfect World Expo Spectacular night view, is one of the highlights of Shanghai World Expo, which is mainly due to large-scale application of new technologies LED lighting . World Expo was decorated so beautiful by LED lighting at night. But the actual consumption is not too much, mainly due to energy-saving features of LED technology. As a new solid-state light source, LED is small size, low power consumption, long life, fast response, high reliability, has been recognized as a major energy saving lighting materials in the world. Such a large-scale LED lighting applications in EXPO, comprehensive energy efficiency can reach 70%. LED created a perfect Shanghai World Expo with its great visual impact,and it shocked the world once again.led aquarium lighting stainless steel seamless pipe mini exercise bike led aquarium lighting Get The Full Picture Of Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Thermal Imaging Posted By: Lucy A thermocouple was installed in a Stainless steel seamless pipe line for monitoring the temperature of the fluid. Because the piping was all stainless steel, the material surface was too reflective to directly observe the fluid level with the thermal imager. So, to improve emissivity enough to allow camera use, the engineer applied some black electrical tape around the area of the pipe where the thermocouple was installed. The thermal imager revealed that the pipe was less than one-third filled with fluid. The thermocouple was barely making contact with the fluid, resulting in erroneous temperature measurements. A vapor lock had produced the unwanted headspace. A thermal imager may improve your monitoring and troubleshooting of equipment and products. The infrared (IR) camera can supplement or supplant traditional techniques, and provide insights about material storage, equipment heat loss, product moisture content and more. For instance, plants normally use level indicators to monitor how much material is inside a tank. Yet, many sites increasingly are turning to IR cameras to do the same thing.Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe What Is The Difference Between 304 And 316 Stainless Steel Pipe Posted By: Lucy The main difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel pipe is that 316 contains 2%-3% molybdenum and 304 has no molybdenum. The "moly" is added to improve the corrosion resistance to chlorides (like sea water). So, while 316 stainless steel pipe is generally considered more corrosion resistant than 304, depending on the nature of the corrosive media the corrosion rates of 304 and 316 could be similar. Generally, SS 304/304L is assumed to be corrosion-resistant material. But when we come to Piping Specs with SS 304/304L MOC, its value is taken as 0.063 inches — same for SS316/316L . Please explain. We have a plant that produces fertilizer. In one section we mix 40% phosphoric acid and 98% sulfuric acid together in a ratio of 75-80 : 25-20 phosphoric acid:sulfuric acid. After that the mixture is cooled to a temperature of 80 degrees C. What is the best material of construction for transfer piping? The existing material, 304 stainless steel pipe, shows problems at the welds. From a materials of construction perspective, this is a tricky mixture to deal with, especially at 80 degrees C and higher. Phosphoric acid is less corrosive than sulfuric acid.Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe Get Stainless Steel Pipe Specifications Right In The Beginning Posted By: Lucy Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe How Are Different Classes Of Stainless Steel Pipe Used Posted By: Lucy The three major classes of Stainless steel pipe are: Austenitic: Chromium-nickel-iron alloys with 16-26% chromium, 6-22% nickel (Ni), and low carbon content, with non-magnetic properties (if annealed – working it at low temperatures, then heated and cooled). Nickel increases corrosion resistance. Hardenable by cold-working (worked at low temperatures) as well as tempering (heated then cooled). Type 304 (S30400) or "18/8" (18% chromium 8% nickel), is the most commonly used grade or composition. Martensitic: Chromium-iron alloys with 10.5-17% chromium and carefully controlled carbon content, hardenable by quenching (quickly cooled in water or oil) and tempering (heated then cooled). It has magnetic properties. Commonly used in knives. Martensitic grades are strong and hard, but are brittle and difficult to form and weld. Type 420 (S42000) is a typical example. Ferritic: Chromium-iron alloys with 17-27% chromium and low carbon content, with magnetic properties. Cooking utensils made of this type contain the higher chromium levels. Type 430 is the most commonly used ferritic. Two additional classes worth mentioning include Duplex (with austenitic and ferritic structures), and Precipitation Hardening stainless steel, used in certain extreme conditions.The austenitic microstructure is most commonly used for knives and cooking utensils.Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe Some Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe For Various Applications Posted By: Lucy Industrial Stainless steel seamless pipe is the broader category used in order to describe materials that transport fluid and solid according to the needs of various industries. Cylindrical and rigid tube counterparts are favored in energy, civil infrastructure and construction applications. Most industrial pipes are cylindrical in shape with systems that are formed through straight sections in the form of fittings. Steel pipes are included in the list of this industrial product category. When choosing to buy any type of industrial pipe, including steel pipes, one must be able to look into the wall thickness, metric or English sizes and pipe schedules. The latter is important in the classification of wall thickness construing with the requirements of the American National Standards Institute. Section shapes like oval, square, round or rectangular may also be regarded. To learn more about these products, take a glimpse at the various applications or industries where they are employed. Water and gas pipelines Different industrial pipes may be used in the water industry. Water mains, sewerage systems and industrial water lines need these industrial products. Of course, plant piping requires the use of any form of steel pipe.Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe Stainless Steel Pipe Products Posted By: Lucy Whether it is Stainless steel pipe, roof sheeting or fencing, South African buyers can easily find whatever Stainless steel products in any size or shape they require. Stainless steel products can be broadly categorized into long or flat products. Long products are typically used in construction, for example re-enforcing bar (rebar) or pipes, while flat products are most often used in the manufacture of cars, ships and white electric goods such as fridges and washing machines. Stainless steel is used in the manufacture of cutlery and surgical equipment. As these products are used in such a wide variety of applications, different types of steel are used to comply with different requirements. Depending on the production process, steel can be made stronger, non-corrosive or more flexible. Hot-rolled steel – steel that is processed while hot – is rougher in appearance than cold-rolled steel and less expensive, but also stronger. High-quality products, such as cars and fridges, are usually made using more expensive cold-rolled products. Stainless steel is manufactured by adding chromium and nickel, leaving the end product resistant to rust, stains and corrosion.Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe A Stainless Steel Kitchen Counter Top Or Stainless Steel Backsplash Posted By: Lucy A stainless steel kitchen countertop or stainless steel backsplash tend to make a room look more spacious and bright which is why they are well suited for kitchens of any size, especially small ones. Stainless steel complements and matches pretty much any color scheme or kitchen design you may have. With qualities like corrosion resistance and its durability stainless steel is not only a stylish choice it is also a very practical choice for a kitchen counter top surface. Stainless steel when used for a kitchen counter top or backsplash, whether for just a section or for the entire counter, can give any kitchen a look of upscale sophistication. Of course stainless steel has its pros and cons and it depends on your own personal preferences and lifestyle whether or not it really is the choice for you. Starting with restaurants and commercial kitchens stainless steel kitchen countertops began to appeal to homeowners, who have chosen it to spice up their kitchen decorating and designs. Stainless steel proved its durability with these original uses and other qualities that are desirable in any kitchen.Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe Stainless Steel Sink Gauge – What It Means And What Gauge Is Best For Your Kitchen Posted By: Lucy Searching for a new kitchen sink for your home can be easy and pain-free if you are well informed. There are several aspects of stainless steel kitchen sinks that many consumers are not very well educated on, one of which being a sink’s gauge. The gauge of a stainless steel sink indicates the thickness of the metal that is used in its manufacture. It can be measured using a micrometer. The gauge of a sink will vary depending on brand, type, and purpose of the sink. It can be very deceiving to the uninformed consumer who finds a 18g and a 16g sink and assumes it is of better quality and thickness because the number is higher. In truth the lower the number, the thicker the sink. If you are having granite, marble, or another solid surface countertop installed you will most likely have an undermount sink installed. Undermount sinks range in gauge from 16-20g. The average thickenss in stainless steel undermount kitchen sinks is 18g. The 18g is widely considered a good thickness for use in a kitchen sink. You should have no bending or dinging over time from an 18g sink.Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe How To Choose The Right Stainless Steel Food Containers Posted By: Lucy Stainless steel is a low maintenance, inexpensive, and elegant material that continues to gain recognition, especially in the kitchen. With the high demand lately about ecological awareness and sustainability, choosing stainless steel food containers, such as tiffin boxes is definitely a smart environmental decision. Find below some practical tips and tricks in selecting the right stainless steel food container: 1. Choose a high-grade stainless steel food container. Since you will be chiefly using these storage pieces for meals, it is highly suggested to go for something that is made from food grade 202 stainless steel, and is 100% BPA-Free (Bisphenol A, a perilous component normally found in plastics). You absolutely don’t wish any dangerous toxins to come in contact with your food, and jeopardize your health in the long run. 2. Think about your food storage needs. Select bigger food tins for storing leftovers in your fridge. Smaller ones are perfect for bringing lunch to school, office, and even during those unplanned road trips. Fortunately, most of these earth-friendly food containers can meet both of these requirements. 3.Stainless steel pipe Stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe 相关的主题文章: