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Health Preparing for the ski season can become quite difficult if a skier is recovering from a knee injury. In such a situation, using the correct knee brace can offer proper support and protection to the weakened ligaments. Using a CTI knee brace (Carbon fibre frame, with Titanium hinges) works effectively to both protect a previously injured knee and prevent further sports-related injuries. it is a perfectly designed support system for the knee and the hinge has been designed to exactly mimic the normal knee joint movement, preventing the brace from moving and slipping down as it is worn. The CTI brace uses a rigid frame to keep the bones of the knee joint in perfect alignment. Maintaining stability in the knee prevents any abnormal motions from occurring during physical activity and protects the ligaments from damage. Knee injuries occur at a high rate among active skiers because of the extreme levels of rotational forces they endure while going down the slopes. A CTI brace cuts down on the impact of the rotational forces by containing the upper tibia, offering exoskeletal support. Don’t forget that a simple fall at the beginning or end of the day when you’re not warmed up or are tired can result in ligament damage, ending the trip for the year. A flexible liner and an adjustable tibial strap work together to isolate the tibia and allows the wearer to make adjustments in hinge position for a personalised fit. Flexible cuffs and buckles function to keep the exoskeleton frame rigidly in place. The Accutrac hinges track the natural movement of the knee and keep the brace in an anatomically correct position. Lightweight design makes wearing a CTI brace under a ski suit an easy task and this is not a bulky or cumbersome knee brace. The carbon fibre frame with titanium hinges are also designed to endue all weather conditions and are able to withstand fresh and salt water. The flexible subshell and strap locations eliminate pressure points for increases comfort. Most importantly, the frame shape matches perfectly the contours of the human leg, so it can be worn to support for any physical activity where the knee is in danger of injury. CTI braces range from the OTS (off the shelf) which is prescribed for normal day to day support, through to the Pro Sport for control and protection during high energy sports. For more serious injuries, or extreme sports, the CTI Custom is made to perfectly fit your own individual anatomy giving protection at the highest impact and energy levels. CTI braces are a perfect choice to protect and support all knee ligaments. These braces work for skiers recovering from ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) , MCL (medial collateral ligament), LCL (lateral collateral ligament) or PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) injuries and are designed to be used at all activity levels. They provide valuable control and support for all unstable knees and allow the wearer a safe return to physical activity and participation in sports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: