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Vacation-Rentals We had only a day and we wanted to make the best of it. If you wanted to get rid of the jostling crowd and teeming traffic of the megalopolis, what better place one could suggest other than the majestic fort in Bongir, just an hour-and-a-half drive from the city? So we made up our minds and set out on the adventurous trip. While driving past the jam-packed roads in the city, the excitement of having a trekking of sorts on a historic hillock was palpable in us. Once the concrete jungle moved past and we reached the Hyderabad-Warangal highway, green fields and thickets on either side of the road added to our enthusiasm. It was a sultry June morning, with arid sky eagerly waiting for the Southwest Monsoon. The very thought of a tryst with history was thrilling enough to make our journey cheerful. Bongir is just 58 kilometers from Hyderabad and the newly-repaired road makes the drive a comfy affair. Leaving behind massive rock formations with their intriguing shapes, we finally reached our destination.The Bongir fort is a monument where history and architecture of Chalukyas that once ruled the northern part of the Andhra Pradesh reflect in its most elegant form. The fort which was constructed by the western ChalukyaTribhuvanamallaVikramaditya VI in the 12 century stood high on a gigantic monolith which spread across 40 acres. We parked our car at the bottom of the hill and started our adventure. It was still early for people to move around and we climbed the steep rock, struggling to balance our bodies in the gale that tried to blow us down now and then. According to history, after the death of Vikramaditya, the fort was named as Tribhuvanagiri, which eventually changed to Bhuvanagiri and to present day Bongir.Though at the first glimpse the fort on the egg shaped 600-feet high rock lookedlike a miniscule structure, as we headed uphill, themonstrous walls of the fort with huge boulders presented a stunning vintage marvel. The walls, its seven water tanks and the staircase are built with architectural precision of the bygone era. The trap doors, once used to prevent enemies from sudden attacks,are now perished and their remnants tell us stories of the past. Small plants and shrubs have popped from the crevices of the boulders which add little greenery to the rocky structure. The most amazing part of the fort is its water tanks and the steps that are carved on the rocks at the top of the hill. The eight water tanks one below the other are built in such a fashion that no rain water is allowed to go waste. Quite an amazing architecture and technology for rain water harvesting. The Bongir fort can be a perfect host to the brave hearts who wants to add a pinch of adventure to their lives by rock climbing and trekking. As the suns rays became sharper and brighter we got down the hill to satisfy our starving bellies yearning for the days breakfast. Hotel Vivera which is about a kilometer away from the fort proves the right place. We savored their fluffy idlis and crispy vadas teamed up with a hot tea without burning our pockets. The breakfast for three people doesnt cost more than Rs 300. Relishing tender, juicy mangoes on our way back to the states capital, we ended our journey on a sweet note. About the Author: Local Secrets help you choose the right restaurants, pubs, health clubs, resorts and everything and anything! We plan your holidays, suggest you the right things to do, update you with events, concerts and camps and unveil the local secrets you never knew! We are the gateway of lifestyle in the city! We are the lively guide to everything local! Come, indulge and live the life to fullest! 相关的主题文章: