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Sports-and-Recreation I would like to share with you a number of effective strategies for defending yourself should you find yourself in a situation where you need these skills in your everyday life. In my experience as a bouncer, as well as during time I spent in jail, I have found myself in many situations where I had to fight for my life. It was in these real life situations that I acquired a number of skills that will perfectly compliment the street fighting and martial arts techniques gained during classroom instruction. You may even find that the suggestions that I will share with you, will save your life in the event that you are approached by an attacker. These strategies are not designed for use in a martial arts dojo or tournament, but will serve you well should you have to defend yourself on a dark street or in a deserted parking lot. Of all of the suggestions that I will give you, the most important of the best street fighting tips to remember, is always take advantage of an opening to bite your assailant. If during the fight, your attackers fingers are within biting range, by all means do it! During an attack, you should be aware of the likelihood that you will get the chance to bite your attacker on some part of their body. The face, ears, eyebrows, lips, limbs, flanks, elbows, and groin are all fair game. This technique, designed for surviving a real life street fighting occurrence, will be extremely effective when you and your assailant are closely grappling in a clinch fighting situation. You may be concerned about the blood that your biting may draw from the attacker. In such a life or death situation, it seems that the larger worry is being killed at the hands of your assailant. If your fear of the blood of your attacker keeps you from seizing an opportunity to inflict a bite that could immobilize them, it may be the last, poor decision you ever get to make. Biting your attacker is a proven self defense technique. Second on the list of best street fighting tactics is to always direct kicks to the shins, groin, and kneecaps. If you happen to kick toward your attacker, and they grab your leg and knock you down, it is imperative that you are able to get back to your feet immediately. To avoid losing your footing, or allowing your assaulter to move in close, make sure that you do not kick too high. Using kicking techniques in a fight for your life is good, as long as they remain below the waist of your attacker. A self defense combination that will prove highly effective, is to first stamp as hard as you can on your assailant’s foot, then aim a solid kick to the shins, and finish with a powerful punch to the groin. You must understand that your life depends on your ability to inflict as much damage as possible, with the most vicious, street fighting maneuvers that you can manage. Spending time going over techniques to defend yourself in the event of a true-life assault, is the third of the best street fighting tactics. Your practice sessions should focus on simulating an actual mugging and how you would need to react. It is the best advice to practice your training at home, at the gym or in a local park. You should also spend time practicing in a confined area, as an attack can happen in a narrow passageway or tiny bedroom. During my jail time, there were numerous occasions when someone approached me in a five foot wide hallway looking for a fight. You must prepare yourself for an enemy of any size, who may attack you in a number of locations, where the surface may be rocky or smooth, and they may be equipped with any of a variety of fighting methods. When faced with the option of punching your assailant, or gouging their eyes, always opt for the fourth of the best street fighting tactics – gouging your attacker’s eyes. Seize any opportunity to gouge your assaulter’s eyes, punches can be landed more easily after this move. You will get a huge gain when you attack their eyes and they can’t see you or are demotivated to continue the attack. The truth is, you should inflict as much damage to their eyes as possible. Again, they are not concerned about being too rough on you, so you should do whatever you need to do to them, including gouging their eyes out, to stay alive or avoid being raped. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: