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Real-Estate Yes, yes, we all know that Florida is the place all senior citizens head to the day they retire. Sure, they walk out of work, sign the dotted line on their Medigap Insurance, pack up their things, and head to the sunny beaches of Sarasota. At least, that"s what movies and a whole lot of TV commercials would have people believe. Now, it"s true that Florida remains one of the top spots for retirees, but Baby Boomers have shown that they"re willing to spread their wings and try on some other destinations for size. Recently, abc News laid out their 7 New Retirement Hotspots. Maybe a bit surprising to some, Austin, TX (a place near and dear to our hearts) grabbed the #1 retirement slot. Atlanta, GA and Portland, OR rounded out the Top 3. A number of criteria went into the decision""some were purely numbers based, while others took into account local culture, natural surroundings, available activities, etc. If it"s just the numbers you"re interested in, you might find yourself more at home in one of the states with the largest number of senior citizens (Florida did make the cut) listed by CNNMoney. Whether you"re interested in the latest hot spot, looking for a more traditional retirement locale, or content with staying where you are, be sure to check out what major cities across the country have to offer seniors. There"s plenty out there to do, it you"re willing to take a little time to discover it. About Medicare Supplement Insurance Medicare Supplemental Insurance, or Medigap Insurance Plans, are not an alternative to traditional Medicare like Medicare Advantage Plans, but instead work with traditional Medicare. Also, Medigap Insurance Plans differ from Medicare Advantage Plans as they have no deductibles, no co-pays and no network restrictions as to where you can receive medical treatment. Most Medicare Insurance recipients could save money by switching to the same plan with another company. However, most people covered by Medicare Insurance pay more than they should for their Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan. The reason is that they simply dont shop around. By shopping multiple companies many could get the exact same coverage at a lower rate. If you choose the right Medicare Supplement Plan (like Medicare Supplement Plan F) you will never have to pay a single dollar when you receive treatment in a physicians office, hospital or specialty treatment center that accepts Medicare. Medigap Insurance Costs differ between Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies for the same coverage. This is why it is important to work with a Medicare Supplement Broker who will help you find the best Medigap rates and plans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: