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UnCategorized What is the meaning of life? Is it about being on earth for a set number of years and working hard to accomplish success? Or is it about enjoying the process of achieving goals? I believe it is the latter…because goals involve experiences which are sometimes good and sometimes bad. Experiences take place as they happen but accomplishments are something which are completed over a period of time. Reading a magazine is an experience but it would hardly classify as an accomplishment. Society conditions us to appreciate accomplishments more than the things that we experience momentarily. As such, the day that we landed that top executive role means more to us than the cheese sandwich that we had for lunch last Wednesday. We forget that everything we experience has an impact on our lives whether we felt something for just for a moment or it lasted a while. Whilst we would love to have great accomplishments every single day, life is not that exciting. However, we can ensure that the things we do experience have a positive impact on our lives so as we feel rewarded and blessed from this moment onwards. If you are looking for a better day every day, take a look at some ways that you can turn a perfectly average day into one which nourishes the seeds of progress from Monday through to Sunday. These are just a few ideas…Feel free to add some more or even customize your own. Wake with the lark: Well not literally…it’s okay; you don’t have to learn the dawn chorus off by heart! But seriously, getting up at 6.00am every morning really does set you up for the day. This is the quietest time you will have and the world belongs to you. There are no children yelling, no babies screaming, no television blaring, no lawn mowers humming, no phones ringing and no cars…just peace. A very special and intimate time set aside just for you so as you can do the things which you never find the time to do during the day. Make this time your own…you could do some light exercise, prepare a meal for the evening, learn a new language, write a song…anything which keeps you stimulated and fulfilled throughout the day. Then you can face all of the tedious stuff knowing that you are still achieving your personal goals amongst all the chaos. Wake up and work out: Yea, you can slip on that leotard or just stand around in the nude, no-one will mind because everyone is asleep. Slip on your headphones and run through an online work out or hunt out the children’s skipping rope and promise yourself ten minutes of fun exercise per day. During the summer, you might want to take a walk and breathe in some refreshing morning air before it becomes polluted with commuters fighting for their share of the road. If you hate going to the gym and are embarrassed about exercising in front of the family, now is the time to get the blood pumping and boot your body into action for the rest of the day. Crank up some atmosphere: If you really don’t feel like doing press-ups when everyone else is asleep, create a better atmosphere by having a good old morning boogie. If you have a treadmill or exercise bike in the house, why not reach for your ipod and listen to some educational material. The mind is more able to absorb information when it is stimulated, so now is the perfect time to learn that new language or swat for exams. That Zen Moment: Use the peace and quiet to focus on things that you want from life. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in that dream job you are working towards, or see yourself as a slimmer version of the present you. Jot down some simple steps to make those goals draw nearer and keep the vision alive with pictures, drawings, poems, affirmations…anything which keeps your ambitions running in the back of your mind. It is easier to cope with a mundane working day when you constantly envisage a better future. Keep the relaxation going: When you step out of the door, it is easy to leave all of that peace and tranquility behind. However, it is important to try and maintain as much of that equilibrium as you can. This can be achieved by making your work environment more inviting, less stressful and more tranquil. Make your workspace a personal haven which helps you function in a calm and relaxed ambience. By adding plants, paintings, soothing colours, crystals and even a daily affirmation to your desk, you adorn it with all those things that create good feelings and you will become more productive. The written word: The internet can make the humble book seem like an outdated concept but the content of a book is far more superior to any text that you will find online. Read as many self-help and non-fiction books as you can. This will not only fill your mind with some great ideas but will act as an effective communication tool when writing emails, blogs, articles or in general conversation etc… Deep and meaningful chats: A coffee and a natter with friends is great but if you can find someone who likes to crank it down a notch and examine a subject more thoroughly, go for it. Crime, the occult and current affairs become less worrisome when analysed with a friend or family member. Many people long for someone with whom they can have deep and meaningful conversations with…When disturbing subjects are brought to the surface, they stop the world from feeling like a scary place. Give and don’t expect to receive: Find at least one opportunity throughout the day where you can give and not expect to receive. This can be approached in the form of a kind word, a pound in the charity box or a smile to the tramp that you always scowl at. As you work with the power of giving, you will feel more rewarded and find that many acts of kindness will come back to you in return. At the end of the day, make a physical or mental note of all of the times when you have received pleasantries. Maybe, someone made you a coffee or held the door open for you…when you start recall all of those times when people were nice, you will realise that some of the experiences you encounter during the working day were actually very gratifying. These habits all serve to keep you conscious throughout the day…When you are conscious you are firing on all cylinders, using your energy productively and your heightened awareness to ensure that as each day passes you are taking small steps forward in all areas of your life. You are literally manifesting your personal and professional goals throughout every passing hour and no-one but you need know! Follow these steps and you will no longer go through the treadmill of low-awareness living. You will also take responsibility for your own life and no longer feel sacrificed to the forces that are outside of your control. These practices are easy to blend into your life and with a little determination will quickly become a natural part of your daily routine…in a month or so, you will literally run through them on autopilot without a second thought. The rewards for this effort… Your professional and business life will become extraordinarily exciting, magical and stimulating…try it for three months and see for yourself. Record the date that you start implementing these habits and three months from now, you will notice just how much you have achieved. Compare this to the past where you have been wandering aimlessly and remaining stagnant and you will wish you had been equipped with this knowledge many moons ago. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: