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Internet-and-Business-Online Now that you quit the job that you hated and you are your own boss, what’s next? You are ready to start your new career in affiliate marketing! You are probably very happy and ready to work as many long, hard hours as it takes to make your business succeed. You constantly monitor your website and you watch your sales go up and up! You are using a lot of the strategies you learned to sell as much as you can. Then, it is finally the time you have waited for. The day you are going to get paid. However, when you open the check you are surprised to see that it is not as much as you thought it would be. You made money, but you had expected to make a lot more money. When you call the merchant to see why your check was smaller than you thought they tell you they deducted items that were returned after the purchase. No one wants to experience this but most affiliate marketers do. The merchant won’t pay you a commission when people return goods. That is why you need to know the return policy of the company you are dealing with so you know what to expect as far as your payments. When people decide not to keep an item they bought, it is considered a return. A charge back may also occur, which is where a purchase is disputed with the credit card company. When you see a lot of orders being charged back that are high value purchases, you may be being scammed. It could be that the affiliate marketing company is falsifying the information in order to pay you less commission and keep it themselves. A lot of charge backs could also indicate a different problem that needs to be taken seriously. Are the charge backs occurring in the trial period or the period where a person can get their money back without penalties? If so, that may mean that you are promoting a product or service that the customers are not satisfied with. Another of the pitfalls to avoid when starting an affiliate marketing business is marketing items that are not commissionable. You need to know what products are going to be profitable and which ones are not going to make you money. You should also check to be sure you are not selling any items with conditions that may lower your commission. A commission may be paid only if the customer makes the purchase right away. If they add an item to their cart and shop some more, you may not get a commission because they go to other links and then come back. If they make a large order but check out other websites first, you lose a lot of commission. You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. You cannot rush in and sign an agreement until you know all the terms and conditions, though. You may even want to have a lawyer look at the terms and conditions to make sure you are not falling for any of the pitfalls to avoid when starting your affiliate marketing business. If you are careful, you can avoid disappointment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: