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Network-Marketing "If you can’t find the key to success, pick the lock." 99% of network marketing opportunities operate in basically the same way. They all have a product or service for you to sell and profit from, and you can find other people to do the same, and also profit from what they sell. By setting up the Send Out Cards opportunity this way they achieve a number of important goals: You don’t have to fear competition [you profit from them], you have an incentive to grow the total number of company representatives, and you can continue to make money even when you’ve stopped working. Now that’s great, and you’ll certainly make more money if you introduce more people into the business, BUT… you DON’T need to get anyone to join, and you don’t need to be responsible for anyone else’s success. I’m going to destroy this extremely popular Send Out Cards myth right now: You CAN earn decent money simply by selling products to people who want them. Once you’ve built up your customer base and you know where to go to get your orders, you can earn a reliable income and enjoy yourself in the process. Some people don’t like the idea of recruiting other people into their Send Out Cards business. And that’s absolutely fine! How do they get around it? Simple. They just don’t do it! Some people you will come across truly believe in this myth, and they will see a non-recruiting network marketer as a waste. But here’s what you need to remember: This is your business and it’s up to you how you run it. If you’re happy selling products to people and don’t want to take it any further, then just focus on building a large Send Out Cards base to provide you with a stable income for years to come. Still not convinced? Think about this… How many companies do you buy from in any given week? If you’re like most people your answer is probably several dozen. Now, how many of those companies try and recruit you to go and work for them, and to sell their products? Probably zero! That’s because they already work to a solid Send Out Cards business model. They provide products, they find people who want them, and they sell lots. It’s already a winning solution. They don’t need to recruit extra people in order to make wild profits. This business model is exactly the same as the "marketing" aspect of "network marketing". An already proven and profitable business model. Again, if you don’t want to recruit other people you don’t need to. Don’t let this myth guide you off course! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: