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Motorcycles Royal Enfield motorcycles were made in England but were being sold in India since 1949. The Indian government used this bike for its army and police, for the patrolling the border of the country. The bullets with 350 cc were in most demand. Now the era has changed, the Royal Enfield bikes are used for only style statement in India. It is manufacturing in Chennai since last 50 years. The latest model of Royal Enfield is Royal Enfield Electra 5 S. This bike is offered in variety of colours like red, deep black, blue, silver, gray and green. The bike gives maximum speed of 100 kilometres per hour along with the long durability. The technical specification it provides is very unique. Engine: The Royal Enfield Electra 5 S is a single cylinder four stroke air cooled bike with OHV and SI engine. It has displacement of 346 CC. The bike provide bore and stroke about 70 mm and 90 mm. Maximum power provided is 18 at 5000 rpm. The maximum torque it produced is 32 Nm at 3000 rpm. The transmission is up to 5 speeds on left foot gear shift. The bike ignites by transistor coil ignition. Dimensions: The bike provides ground clearance of 140 mm. The height of the bike is 1080 mm, width is 750 mm and length is around 2120 mm. The wheel of this bike is 1370 mm. The bike has seat height about 800 mm. The front tyre is 3.25 x 19, 4 / 6 PR and the rear tyre is 3.25 x 19, 4 / 6 PR. Its electrical system is 12 V and the head lamp is unique round which are 35 / 35 W. The bike has elegant front brake with hydraulic disc brake is having diameter of 280 mm. The rear brake is internal expansion drum brake with 6. The bike has attractive front suspension which is telescopic with hydraulic damping, which none other bike provides in India. The front suspension provide stroke about 130 mm. The rear suspension is with adjustable swing arm and gas filled shock absorbers. The rear suspension offers stroke about 80 mm. The new Royal Enfield Electra 5 S is fitted with user-friendly features including the world-shattering 5 speed gearshift on left side. The bike has a push button start. The shockers are filled with gas that allows the bike to glide neatly over the speed breakers and potholes. The silencer with glass wool absorbs noises of high frequency. The Royal Enfield bikes price in India starts from 83, 000 and ends around 94 lakhs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: