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Designing a successful and professional website for your business, to sell your products or services is one of the most important factors in determining your success. If you fail to define your goals prior to designing and launching commercially on the web, your Web site will lack appropriate direction and purpose. Having strategic business planning and reasonable goals can help you to design user friendly and successful business oriented website with SEO copywriting. There are various design factors which need to be considered while planning to design a professional business web site. From first step of designing, developing and implementation website to hosting website and then internet marketing, you need to have clear concept and vision for making successful business website. Guide for Successful Website Design Any small or big, corporate or small business should need atleast following pages and information to make a website with professional look and feel. The most essential and important pages for a successful web design :- Home Page Company profile Product page or Service page Achievements Clientele Contact page Sitemap Home page : The home page, index is the main page i.e. an entry page of web site. The importance of any good website design depends on the design, appearance, color and style; overall outlook of homepage design. The home page is the gateway of your website. Any internet viewer or surfers take decision to go further from the home page only. Your homepage in the website should look professional, easily navigated, best use of graphics and animation with minimum download time, rich text content i.e. search engine friendly copy with use of keyword and keyword phrases related to your business, appropriate placement of logo, user friendly links. All these helps you to increase natural traffic to your website using most ethical way of web design with SEO. The homepage contain clear message line or punch about your business that you want to give to your target audience. The company logo need proper placement. Your company logo should place on left side or in center part of website because one can easily view left corner of page in any browser or resolution. If you place your logo on right side user can not view on first sight while viewing. The user friendly navigation is also important as user can visit any page of your site with minimum no of clicks. Use text links for user friendly and search engine friendly navigation. Company Profile: The company profile page is the key page as you present your company to the global market. From the company profile page you can build corporate image of your company by showing the goal and objective of your company. Professionally written company profile with affluent key phrases definitely makes better impact on target market or viewer. The company profile page should contain :- Mission statement Vision of the company Objective Background Products or services Geographical Location Infrastructure Professional ability and expertise Marketing Network Product/Service : Generally every page in the web design has its own importance as far as considering target audience, search engines and search engine marketing. In product or service page you need to put detail information about product or service to increase your business domestically and internationally as well as build brand image of product. Essential information in designing product page :- Product details Features Advantages Technical details and specification [ if any] Product photographs Enquiry details Order form Achievements: In website designing, Achievement page make good impression of your company as it gives about your companys ability and efficiency. While designing this webpage you can put : Awards Successful projects or works Participation in major events Participation in national or international exhibitions Events or Seminars organized by companies Clientele: You need to put clientele page to get more benefit from your web site. This is the page from which you can make reliable and trustable image of your company. The person always looks for reliability while buying product or opting any services. The list of major clientele gives assurance to other people that your company is trustworthy. There are good chances to get good business enquiries. List of clientele Client speaks [Certificates given by clients for quality product/ service] Contact Page: Finally designing the web page that make people reach to you. It is beneficial to give contact details of all your business offices that customer can easily approach you. In designing contact page, you need to put contact details as follows Map indicating geographical location of your company and marketing network Address, Phone, Fax and Email of : Registered Office Branch offices [ if any] Factory office [ If any] Sales office [ If any] If you are a corporate company and having wide network of dealer and distributors; in such case you can design software module for easy selection and communication with your marketing network and satisfy your customer by providing quick and efficient services. Sitemap: Sitemap is the most important page in your website. It is very vital for any website design. It helps user to navigate your site very easily. It gives quick glance of entire website and user can get information easily in single click without surfing entire site. Sitemap prevents visitors to escape from your site by providing appropriate information. The sitemap is very useful for SEO. In search engine optimization sitemap is very useful to get top ranking in search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. In sitemap you need to : Place all links in text format Place main links Also put sub links below the main links Make a tree form of all main link, sub link and so on After designing website, you need appropriate marketing strategy to generate more traffic to the sites. Marketing your website is most effective when the marketing strategy has been incorporated into the initial design of the site. For all these you need to hire experience and Professional Web Design Company with SEO skills. Contact web designing company in India for successful Web Design. 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