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Vacation-Rentals When you come to India, you feel exalted. This is a unique country not only known for some of the superbly crafted historic monuments and pilgrimage centers but also known for a rare wildlife that may not be found in many other nations across the world. You will be mesmerized to know the breathtaking fact that India has above 80 national parks and the number of wildlife sanctuaries in this country crosses 441. Wildlife India Travel can be a great fun for the adventure tourist. Really one life is not enough to explore the fauna and flora India possesses. Wildlife travel to India can be a great fun. You can have a glimpse of the insect colonies and some of the majestic herds of elephants. Because of the wide variety, India is really a paradise for the wildlife tourist. You can see the national animal of this country in the famous national parks like Jim Corbett Park, Kanha national park and Sunderbans. It will really be an amazing experience and you will cherish it throughout your life. When it comes to wildlife travel in India, you have the largest reserves of tiger and one eyed rhinoceros. You also have the Asiatic lion which is on the verge of extinction. When you do the overall count of animal species of animals, these are but a small count in the 500 mammal species, 2000 bird species, 500 reptile species, 3000 insect species and amphibians. The Wildlife Safari Tours In many key wildlife tourist destinations of India, you will have the wildlife safari tours. When you have such tours in some national parks, you can watch the animals from a very close distance. It will really be an amazing experience. You can also take pictures if these wild animals from a very close distance and the sweet memories of the wildlife will be with you. You can also make the wildlife photography as your hobby or a full time business. You can earn a good amount of money after becoming a wildlife photographer. You will really be amazed at your skills of photography. When you visit the national parks of India, you will come close to the sloth bear, you will love to take a photograph of the wild hyeina. The jungle safari of India will make you spell bound. You get the wildlife tour packages in India. It covers the wildlife destinations of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Rajasthan. You will have the opportunity to go to the national parks of these belts. When you go for such tours, you will have all the activities of fun and frolic. You can see unexplored wildlife of the north east. It will really be awesome. Come to India with friends or lover and go for some wildlife adventure trips. This really makes the difference. You will become bold with such adventure holidays. It will really make you lover of wild animals and birds and you will always think of their preservation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: