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"The first grade" Mencius meaning when the group played the netizen called "the most beautiful thief" – Sohu   entertainment studio by Anita Yuen criticized Sohu; mistakes entertainment news broadcast in "the first grade" before the program, Meng Ziyi to the high yen value and good strength, many brothers received a lot of attention. Meng Ziyi this week for the first time to play the female lead but not to play group play, a variety of appearance is still stunning, but a dispute in the studio accident and mentor Anita Yuen, the two launched a slobber war, what is happening? Uniform costume props are amazing women and a recent failure to miss "the first grade" program group exposed a group of photos, Meng Ziyi Cobain on one second a military uniform next second valiant and heroic in bearing, a costume beauty and refined, countless many brothers have lamented: it is what to wear Nortel campus Belle, Yan value guards! According to the program group revealed that all the teachers and students of the first grade "this week" to the town of Songjiang, a group of people staged a Spy Drama and a variety of martial arts, "Mencius meaning has always been responsible for the beautiful" deliver the goods again, look stunning the audience. As the "North Campus Belle", in addition to Meng Ziyi Yan value guards, is good with the strength of many fans captured brother on the show she has been seeded actress, and she is a woman of deep obsession. However, I do not know why in this program, Meng Ziyi’s heroine is the way the situation again and again. Meng Ziyi was first in the martial arts training, directly to the blood bag spray to the side of the martial arts guide provoked displeasure, then in the casting stage, the crew props sudden failure caused Mencius Yi face ignorant poor play for the first time, miss Mencius meaning heroine position let many brothers have said: love my Meng meng! Users praise the "most beautiful swarm" set by Anita Yuen criticized this week to the teachers and students will be re filmed the classic TV series "the legend of the Condor Heroes", Chen Jianbin, Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen not only have five teachers to the students when the leaves do swarm before Miss Meng Ziyi, a female position, this is also reduced in order to swarm "the unknown thief". Although the dress shabby gray, the goddess of the crown seems to be broken, but still does not cover the beautiful face and good figure, get users point of praise: "true goddess, dare to face the most ugly makeup and clothes." Meng Ziyi also from the "most beautiful girl" became "the most beautiful swarm". And I do not know what happened, the tutor of Anita Yuen Cobain uncharacteristically, in the studio of Meng Ziyi’s public: "you challenge my Mandarin?" So that users can not help but speculate two people open tear reasons: No, it is Meng Ziyi, this is the ridicule of Anita Yuen’s Mandarin? And on the side of Meng Ziyi on the spot to choke, between the two of you came to me almost sparks, Anita Yuen jumped out a series of serious criticism: I want to be out of the heart!" "You’re so unprofessional!" "You’re not fit for this line!" The remaining students in Cobain aside anxious to mediate, Oh God, this is to engage in big things?相关的主题文章: