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"Best actress" boot floor joyea first challenge the villain Lolita Tencent entertainment news recently, white, Bryant Chang, Lou Jia Yue and Qi Ming co starred in the TV series "new theme with" best female boot ceremony was held in beijing. From the preparation to the boot has been keeping a low profile, and the high yen value lineup has repeatedly "best actress" will push on the topic. Lou Jia Yue plays the wealthy daughter Alice MI, playfully character publicity, love is luxury, high heels control. Because he is well-off, develop a wasteful spending habits, firmly believe that "money can solve all the problems". Never bow, keep the princess halo. Lou Jia Yue in the summer hot drama was "hot" is played with deformeter Miss Yan rich "Ma Li". Lou Jia Yue interpretation of the wealthy daughter of "Ma Li", although the girl’s small temper, but the heart feel stubborn courage, dare to dream to pay all. While in the treatment of friendship, "Ma Li" is the friend obligatory sweet girl friend be nothing difficult. "Hot deformation meter", the "rain sisterhood" Yue Jia Lou Di Ali Gerba, is also to obtain users praise continuously. The "best actress", is building Jiayue second star in the rich, different from the "Ma Li", Lou Jia Yue will be the first challenge villain. Lou Jia Yue said: "for the" rich "people understand, before some experience. But how will "villain" characteristics into himself, "bad" is the "perfectly logical and reasonable," Alice "the biggest challenge." Although this is the first time playing the villain, but Lou Jia Yue said that this is their long-awaited, as a new generation of actors, Lou Jia Yue wants to challenge the different roles, enrich their experience of the performing arts, let his acting get promotion, get more audience. It is reported that the floor of the Department of Yue Yue Jia Jia Jia new generation of mainland actress. Collaborated with Huang Xiaoming "Tang Xuanzang", played in the film alien beauty kind and was known to the audience. More representative of "Tang Xuanzang" cast at the India Film Festival, the film shows Chinese cultural style. By Wen Zhuo, starring Lou Jia Yue "hunting spirit teacher" recently also in the music video online, Lou Jia Yue beautiful acting skills, get the audience alike.相关的主题文章: