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Because of the scandal Buffett lost $2 billion 800 million Secretary Buffett Buffett this Thursday (September 29th) confirmed that after Wells Fargo account operation scandal, Buffett and Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf had a meeting, but did not disclose the specific content of the Secretary talk. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc investment company is currently the largest shareholder of wells fargo. The personal assets in the world before several "Warren" early investment bank. In 2008 after the financial crisis, Wells Fargo business performance all the way up, Berkshire Hathaway company has also conducted a number of Wells Fargo holdings of stock operations. According to data released by the company in May, the Berkshire Hathaway Inc has a 9.45% stake in Wells Fargo, the number of shares reached $479 million, the total value of Wells Fargo in accordance with the current share price is equivalent to $21 billion 280 million. Wells Fargo Bank in September 8th exposed a major scandal stock price fell all the way, if the stock fell to blame in the bank scandal, so Wells Fargo has made Buffett the company lost $2 billion 800 million. John Stumpf and Buffett met the news Thursday in the U.S. banking regulators hearing by John Stumpf himself mentioned, but he did not disclose specific details. John Stumpf says he has exchanged views with Buffett on the scandal. The John Stumpf statement was subsequently confirmed by Buffett’s secretary Debbie Bosanek. Buffett himself said he would not comment publicly on the scandal until November. And this week, Buffett himself and the attitude of secretary team also broke the previous rumors of Buffett I of John Stumpf is very dissatisfied with the rumors. However, the position of the CEO of John Stumpf shaky situation has not been further improved. In fact, at the hearing on Thursday, John Stumpf insisted that bank executives had no direct responsibility for the scandal. But on Wednesday night the government of California announced that it had cut off all its cooperation with Wells Fargo, saying that the impact of the Wells Fargo scandal has begun to expand and affect the actual operation of the bank. Including investigating the case of Senator Elizabeth Warren, California’s finance minister John Chiang et al have said publicly that John Stumpf should resign. But John Stumpf continued to insist on Thursday that he was sorry for the bank’s scandal, but would never resign from the CEO. Stocks lost how to do? Look here, whether you fry A shares, stocks, gold or foreign exchange, where you can get the most accurate investment information. WeChat public concern number [Wall Street intelligence] (micro signal: iMarkets) how to do the transaction tired? See here, bringing together the world’s leading media headlines相关的主题文章: