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The new rules of life insurance fund to determine the limited Sina five years of transition period of China Life and other insurance firms exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! For short duration premium income year 2015 higher than the year capital and larger net assets of 2 times the insurance company, since January 1, 2016, giving the company a 5 year transition period, reporter Lu Xiaoping Chen Junling, editor of Chen Yu after brewing, two people market has been concerned about the new rules of life insurance — "Chinese CIRC notice" on to strengthen the regulation of personal insurance products and the "China China Insurance Regulatory Commission on further improving the notice related matters of personal insurance actuarial system" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") yesterday formally issued. The two issue of the notice, aimed at further promoting the structural reform of the supply side of life insurance, so that the insurance industry to better the real economy and the capital market to deliver long-term health funds. The reporter found that, compared with the previous draft, such as "the development of the insurance company or the minimum guaranteed interest rate is the interest rate is not higher than 3% of the personal insurance products, interest rate is not higher than 3.45% of the ordinary annuity insurance products, to be submitted to the CIRC for record Chinese" provisions in the formal document has disappeared, this Akira with regulators to avoid "slam the brakes" or "across the board", promote the whole industry gradually adjusted in place, maintaining the overall stability of the good intentions of the market. Less than 1 million yuan a year to sell the product to take the initiative to stop selling insurance, insurance, insurance products to protect the function of the first. In accordance with the "notice" requirement, will again raise the risk of life insurance products, the level of protection, further promote the adjustment and optimization of business structure of the whole industry, the formation of long-term and stable cash flow, is conducive to capital markets, the real economy and national key infrastructure construction to provide long-term and stable financial support. To this end, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to establish the exit mechanism of life insurance products. Once the China Insurance Regulatory Commission found and found that the presence of illegal cases of insurance companies filing products, the insurance company will be ordered to stop the use of illegal products, public disclosure of product information. "Notice" clearly, the insurance company has one of the following acts, China CIRC will depend on the severity of 3 months to 1 years to prohibit insurance company to declare a new product from the date of irregularities identified, and depending on the seriousness of the insurance company general manager, chief actuary, legal liability and other relevant responsible person to conduct interviews and notification, shall give it a warning, revoke the relevant qualifications: the insurance company for products in violation of laws and regulations or other provisions of the CIRC China; the insurance company is not in accordance with the provisions by the approval or filing of insurance products; other acts of China Insurance Regulatory Commission found that. The insurance company products back has the following problems in the work of Chinese CIRC will require insurance companies rectification; overdue rectification, according to the law of insurance companies taking interviews, reporting, prohibition of declaration of new products and other regulatory measures within a certain period of time: the insurance company not on the cumulative annual premium income of less than 1 million, and the scale of the annual cumulative the number of sales of less than 5000 pieces of personal property for the record相关的主题文章: