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The new technology for | Kevin Kelly | will _ Sina Technology _ Tao Shun more than and 10 years ago, a lot of Chinese, you need to open online banking, it is the first time that their financial net, then the opening of online banking has become almost standard bank account. Today, mobile payment and other social networking applications and social networking tools WeChat micro-blog, not only become a must-have machine, but also deeply embedded in the network consumer scene, an important channel to connect the transaction. In retrospect, this decade is just a.twenty. However, we are now regarded as an inevitable thing, the past is likely to be questioned, examples of online payment security can only tell us clear concerns, from the perspective of Internet products, easy to use is the product of the booster, the safety is the assurance to the user. The Internet in China after 20 years of development, now in the field of mobile Internet innovation and entrepreneurship is like a raging fire, virtual reality and artificial intelligence has a three-dimensional original trend, what will happen in the future, users are still longing, innovators have already in action, some subversive innovation has the capability of traditional industries forced reform. In terms of traffic, drops, excellent step can almost grasp the position of the passengers and the holographic data, and can be based on large data accurate warning congestion. In terms of shopping, Taobao, Jingdong not only permanently retain your trading records, but also according to shopping and browsing traces guess you like, to recommend products to you. In the field of foreign trade, the Alibaba has to build a platform Octopus foreign trade mode of Taobao, the credit insurance products can not only for the enterprise user’s credit endorsement, can even let small businesses rely on credit data online bank loans, credit data can have access to the wealth of bypass. The application of scene data that reminds me of a Kevin Kelly discussion. This is called the "Internet prophet" thinker comes in "the new rules" new economy "in this book, we let the world Internet", "put a little bit of wisdom in our manufacturing everything, we will get billions of smart products is low, but I have to connect these nodes, miracles occurrence. When connected to a cluster, a simple mind becomes wise. If any of the items will be able to send a small amount of information, and receive information from neighboring nodes, we can become the living dead." In the context of the Internet + foreign trade, static data has been developed a new economic momentum. The analysis framework of the node helps us understand the changing era of economic globalization. The premise of Airbnb multinational or by booking house is called the car drops, you must first register an account on the platform — let himself become the kingdom of the node data, otherwise it will not get the permit. However, once you’re in a node, the data will be collected to trickle down your big data in the ocean, in the process, will face data security and privacy protection that people are worried about the problem. To discuss this problem, we should start from two aspects. First of all, in the era of global network collaboration, there is no doubt that the use of new tools, because if not, it is likely to miss the new network.相关的主题文章: