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[map] more intelligent new Volvo XC90 security system experience – Sohu Sohu   car car car []; remove simple, low-key words such as Volvo, the most impressive feature is "safe" is the two words. They took the lead in the application of various types of security assistance system, in the popularity of automotive active safety function played a pioneer role. However, with Tesla as the representative of the technology companies involved in the automotive industry, active safety, intelligent driving assistance and other functions are raised to a higher level. In order to return to the boss seat, Volvo also intelligent driving assistance system has been upgraded, and the first application in the family flagship SUV- Volvo 2017 XC90 body. After the upgrade of the performance of the driver assistance system, we are going to focus on the experience. In the above list of upgrades, the biggest upgrade is the second generation of automatic driving assistance system. Although the name of the "automatic" two words, but it is not strictly automatic driving, but is still a high degree of automation of adaptive cruise control system. The driver still need to concentrate on driving, not completely "daisaba". Through the simple experience, Volvo this "automatic driving auxiliary" on "auxiliary" two words (rather than ‘automatic’), it can make our daily driving easier, but not overly dependent on or even use it as a true autopilot function. Lane departure protection system we will see more, we are not surprised it appears on the Volvo XC90. In addition to the usual deviation there will be a voice prompt, the system can also achieve the correct direction. "City Safety" city safety system can be described as a "Volvo a gilded signboard". In the 2017 XC90 body this system has also been upgraded, in addition to previously able to identify cars, bicycles, and now also able to identify pedestrians and large animals, so that the safety of the road to a higher level. Volvo will be the latest scientific and technological achievements into its flagship SUV-XC90, whether it also indicates that the future of Volvo will be owned by the whole department? I think the answer is yes. Volvo in the automotive active safety can go far, we wait and see. (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章: