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Zhao Songting Memorial Hall opened in Hangzhou   most will "blow" to the people – Culture – people.com.cn original title: Commemorate the altar eleven gaotu staged Dilin flute master meeting Zhao Songting’s photo. Yesterday, to commemorate the 15 anniversary of the death of Mr. Tan flute master Zhao Songting, study flute art education and Zhao Songting Memorial in his name, held the opening ceremony in Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art. Last night, Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art, jointly organized by the Zhejiang dance theater "" Song Ting Liufang "– Zhao Songting Memorial Ceremony Concert" in Zhejiang province at the Great Hall of the people. The country will "blow" performers, including 11 Zhao Songting, Wang Jianyuan, Zhang Hongyang, Wu Zhanghua, Jiang Guoji, Zhang Weiliang, Liu Fengshan, Zhan Yongming, Wang Ciheng, Du Rusong, Cai Zheng, Dai ya, Sifu, performing (in the order of performance), bring the "morning", "Wu", "Yi River scenery hometown", "Orchids in spring", "Flying Partridge" and other tracks, called the flute circles "symposium". 40 years ago, Hangzhou’s famous flute training class died at the age of 78 Mr. Zhao Songting is a famous Chinese flute player, is also a writer, flute educator and development, he created the "morning", "two", where "357", "Orchids in spring" and other tracks is a classic. He was 9 years old to learn flute, the essence of North and South playing together, create a precedent for Zhao flute art school. In 1973, Zhao Songting entered the Zhejiang School of Art (Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art), here fostered generations of flute talent, and further make theory research. The last century at the beginning of 80s, the country is engaged in the altar of elite and flute flute, often rush to Hangzhou, because here is Zhao Songting. China Conservatory of Music professor Zhang Weiliang recalls, a summer 40 years ago, he met Mr. Zhao in Hangzhou, "the teacher is not only a warm reception, let me stay in his home. Because I am from Suzhou to Hangzhou, 12 hours by boat." Sifu, Jiang Guoji said that he was turning several times, only to find still accept the transformation of Zhao Songting, for the apprentice. So far, he kept his teachings: "conscientious Piper, honest." Because too many people came to the school, the Zhejiang School of art in the summer vacation every year simply open a bamboo flute training course, one that is open for several years. This training class is many from around the world and folk music have become the backbone, then a lot of places such as flute elite, Liu Fengshan, Zhang Hongyang, Gan Shaohua, Sun Yongzhi and so on. Zhao Songting invented the flute, are on display in the museum at the Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art Zhao Songting memorial hall, concentrated Mr. lifetime artistic achievement and spirit. The door is designed to Zhao old door of appearance, many old photos and familiar with the scene quickly brought infinite memory of Zhao Songting the son of Zhao Xiaodi. There is a family photo of old photos, Zhao Xiaodi in front of it in for a long time: "this picture is at the time of the two road home shot." Zhao Xiaodi said, "now we are scattered throughout the country, and even around the world. But father is in Hangzhou相关的主题文章: