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A primary school in Anhui to invest millions of built   too few people with 2-3 years abandoned Education — original title: Anhui primary school invested millions of adult built too little 2-3 years abandoned China according to voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the cost of millions of built in Anhui city of Chuzhou province Quanjiao County primary school with only eight wave two or three years out, the huge campus is now only a dozen preschool and kindergarten, two kindergarten teachers, primary school is empty. The local education department said that the fall semester only primary school more than 40 students, the first grade enrollment has been suspended, only as a primary school education teaching practice use. The eight wave of Quanjiao primary school located in the western suburbs of Anhui Quanjiao County, a beautiful three storey spacious and clean campus environment. However, the school has nearly a month, there was only a closed mobile gate and absolutely empty campus. Only one corner of the first floor of the classroom, there is a kindergarten, the children came from the noise. President Yin Chao told reporters, in fact this is not the eight wave of primary school site, the original buildings belong to the reconstruction, taking into account the safety of the students, then the county re siting here has invested about 2 million yuan in the construction of the new campus, put into use in August 2013. Yin Chao said that the eight wave of villagers from now in primary school before the new site is two km, in view of the old campus of nearby residents with the urbanization loss more, plus old buildings obsolete without modification, there are some security risks, so in the new rural population is relatively concentrated near a small village on the basis of flip the new eight wave primary school. Because the eight wave of primary school is very close to the county, the new residential area gradually close to the city, the original school has more than 100 students to school this fall, the school has only 48 children, the number of freshmen is zero. Yin Chao, now the school is only 4 kilometers from the county to the 5 bus, and has led to new countryside, with the further development of urbanization and rural migrant workers’ children school Easy Access opened, in recent years, the school students decreased year by year, the school year the first grade has no new registration, two to the sixth grade is only 48 the majority of the class students, only a few students, the largest class is 13, so the teaching atmosphere is not strong. Because the school number is too small and the actual teaching situation, the eight wave of primary school in early September held a forum, with most of the parents agree, be with high quality teaching resources in primary school merged jianghai. After school, 13 primary school students to transfer to the remaining 35 Fu’an, all transferred to the river primary school. Quanjiao County Bureau of Education Office Director Hu Shoujun, for the eight wave of primary school disabled arrangements, they are carefully considered, will be transferred to the primary school students is responsible for Jianghai for children. He said: "according to the wishes of the parents of the students transfer, because it belongs to the suburban schools, basically close to the county, parents have this intention, including the current status of the school, the number of students in a class is too small, a few students, the teaching atmosphere is build up, which has a certain impact on the development of physical and mental health of children." Quanjiao County Board of education also said they asked the eight wave of primary school maintenance work to do a good job相关的主题文章: