State Council inspection team to carry out supervision work in Dianjiang, Wulong (video) 霍金hawking

The State Council inspection team went to Dianjiang Wulong to carry out inspection work [introduction to]9 21, the State Council third large inspection sixteenth inspection teams to Dianjiang county and Wulong county field supervision. The State Council inspection team to carry out the third Chongqing large inspection report from our correspondent (reporter Liao Xuemei Li Xingting) in September 21st, the State Council third large inspection sixteenth inspection teams to Dianjiang county and Wulong county field inspection, entrepreneurs and representatives of the masses and held seminars, listened to them to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and precise poverty alleviation work opinions and suggestions. On the morning of 21, the inspection group deputy leader, Vice Minister of culture Yang Zhijin came to Dianjiang, in Dianjiang County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of the hospital to promote the reform of medical system, the hospital to improve primary health care level to be sure. In Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd, the inspection team visited the company pharmaceutical workshop, asked about product development. Subsequently, the inspection team came to the town of Dianjiang County, the new village cap, inspected the implementation of rural road construction projects, to encourage the village to rural road construction as an opportunity to develop the relevant industries to benefit the masses. In the morning, the inspection team also came to the Sha Ping Zhen Bi Qiao Cun, Chen Ruxiu, Huang Minghua, visited Zhuo Dingfu, Huang Zhenghua and other villagers, and they kindly chatted, understand the production and living conditions of the villagers. In Wulong, the county Party Secretary He Ping introduced to the inspection team, in recent years, Wulong continuously optimize the development of ideas, take the depth of integration, collaborative development of the rise of Green Road, the pillar industries of tourism, clean energy, shale gas, new materials, environmental protection, the county’s economic and social development with remarkable results. Expected end of this year, Wulong is expected to successfully remove key poverty alleviation counties "poverty cap". He said that in the process of Wulong green rise in the "double" work has played a positive role, achieved Huimin enriching effect. Dianjiang county Party Secretary Pu Binbin said that the function orientation of Dianjiang County on the development of ecological conservation area northeast, firmly establish the "five development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing", focus on steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, and innovation as a powerful engine of economic and social development. Good posture is the county’s economic and social healthy development. Dianjiang is speeding up the construction of an important industrial base in Chongqing, Chongqing high-quality agricultural production and processing base, Chongqing leisure tourism destination and regional trade and logistics center. Dianjiang, Wulong entrepreneurs and representatives of the masses at the forum said that in recent years the government intensify policy support, optimize business services, the "double" and precise poverty alleviation and promote, people benefit from it. We also have industry coordinated development, precise poverty, rural construction, business financing of small and micro enterprises work and puts forward some suggestions, hope persistent government pay more attention to industry planning, better guide and promote the transformation and upgrading of regional industry; to further improve the precision of poverty alleviation policy support system, increase investment in rural infrastructure; make full use of the Internet + "technology, the construction of a number of rural business platform, to play a greater role in poverty alleviation precise; and the size of the micro enterprise financial support for financing, financing your problem will no longer be a factor restricting the development of enterprises. 21 PM, governor.相关的主题文章: