Huang listed on the father 4 has been banned because of the Korean made mosaic 申威1600

Huang Zhi column "Dad 4" was forbidden to hit the yellow mosaic caused by South Korea listed Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the mainland reality show Daddy where "parent-child" will broadcast the fourth season, because SARFT limit children’s order "standard, not only for network broadcast, is also preparing to arrange for 3" no blood child ", increase the attraction. The program recently began shooting, in addition to Tian Liang [micro-blog], Zhang Lunshuo and others to join, before being involved in the ban Han order storm Huang also identified the stage, the challenge to take care of children. "Daddy where the 4" has recently started, in addition to 3 on the official star son, father and daughter, there will be no blood 3 star with a total of 6 human children, parents to participate in the program group. The guest list has been in the days before exposure, actor Cai Guoqing, Tian Liang with her children to participate in, Zhang Lunshuo will bring his new wife Christy Chung [micro-blog] with her ex husband’s daughter recorded; in addition, actor Sha Yi [micro-blog], Dong Li and Han Xinghuang to the list of athletes were arranged to take care of the child elements. In fact, Huang Zhilie previously recorded "Challenger" alliance, was suspected of being "Han ban order" to sweep, obviously from A to Z finished program, but was cut off all the official broadcast lens, only a small part of flashed back, even when accidentally appear also called mosaic. However, he was now "father 4" arrangements for the fixed team, whether the future will be affected, but also the focus of attention of the audience. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: