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Rolls-Royce is the largest in the history of the order of 30 vehicles delivered phantom sedan – Guizhou Channel – original title: Rolls-Royce’s biggest ever order 30 phantom sedan delivery use according to the American media Motor1 reported in September 27th, foreign media tracking the history of Rolls-Royce single largest order, single customer ordered 30 Rolls-Royce mirage sedan, recently in the UK Gould Wood (Goodwood) to complete the transaction. Two years ago, the Macao tycoon Hong Yongshi (Stephen Hung) had ordered 30 Rolls-Royce mirage sedan, used in Macao, China, the thirteen hotel in the car of the. In 2016, the first phantom sports car was delivered on time at the Geneva motor show, and the co chairman of the hotel now receives the remaining 29 sports cars. According to the British "Guardian" reported that the total cost of a total of at least $20 million to buy these 30 cars, breaking the The Peninsula Hong Kong in 2006 to buy the highest record of the 14 phantoms. Custom phantom for big red body. There are two more special, both inside and outside the body with gold-plated treatment. More prominent is the two car special car diamond Rolls-Royce badge, custom red Stephen, highlighting the two car elegant. Foreign media evaluation of these two cars is the phantom of the series in the most expensive models. Macao Louis thirteen Hotel plans to retain these two cars until 2017 will be used for distinguished guests, only the selected customers have the opportunity to ride. How rich is it? According to the United States, "Wall Street journal" reported that the hotel stay for one night, the price is $130 thousand. Hand painted "Stephen red", "Mr. Hong private custom" color. The body of the golden line plus "The 13" pattern by hand drawn from the inside of the cabin painted with a checkered pattern. The most exciting is a new watch Rolls-Royce and jewelry master Graff cooperation, placed in the phantom car. (commissioning editor: Gao Hua (Intern), Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: