Back to the future the road We don’t need a way to go sql2005安装图解

"Back to the future": the road? We don’t need road where to go "back to the future" from Robert · Zemeckis "back to the future", 1985 rated 325th, at the end of this moment from "back to the future", Marty and Jennifer are on the Dr. Brown DMC-12 sports car, ready to go after 30 years (2015) in the future. Marty reminded the doctor that the road was not long enough to accelerate to 88 miles through time, and the doctor, with a smile on his face, said, "the way? We don’t need a way to go!" Sports car flew into the air, flying, turning, acceleration, flash across all the audience’s vision. After a smooth and tortuous adventure, this gorgeous ending also takes the film to a new climax, but also made a perfect advertisement for more grand second. Unfortunately, in 2015, the electric car has just started, the car seems to be unable to fly at one thirty. "Back to the future" stills "back to the future" tells the story of a time machine, Marty take the time machine back to 30 years ago, he has to do is "back to the future". Marty through the laughs, he set his own parents, students back to defeat violent, rock musician chuck · Barry inspiration. Through the change of history, Marty cowardly father reborn, become very confident, Marty’s family have got rid of the fate of loser. "Back to the future".相关的主题文章: