Westward journey 3 Karen Mok studio recording exposure; return – across the Guangxi channel, p 残清1864

"Westward journey 3" Karen Mok studio recording "  exposure; return – across the Guangxi channel, people.com.cn people.com.cn original title:" westward journey 3 "Karen Mok studio recording" return through the exposure of the "Westward Journey" series of films "westward journey 3" are the major theaters aggressively. Up to now, the cumulative box office has exceeded 350 million, becoming the biggest winner in the mid autumn festival. Today, the film exposed a Karen Mok studio records show the real details of the filming process, the interpretation of the smart natural Karen Mok whole-heartedly, let the audience see 21 years ago. ". Charming Karen Mok "style than in playing the" Westward Journey "series of films," crazy for love to give up the life, dare to love and hate the woman is "big role" story of an. The "Westward Journey" in 3, "a corner still played by Karen Mok, this is undoubtedly a great surprise to the audience. In the latest leaked documentary, Karen Mok appearance did not change still beautiful, a turn a review of beauty smart, even the director Jeffrey Lau exclaimed "you are not often eat preservative"! Years seem to be particularly fond of beauty, not only did not damage the appearance of Karen Mok actually gave her more calm and generous inner temperament, but the rich experience of life and the style of the day without a horse but people worry. The "not yet so powerful aura, as spider still have feelings for love. Now Karen Mok can play the best charm but with little daughter mind "? From the point of view, Karen Mok’s performance exceeded the expectations of the audience, "she cast all the fame", put all the given title, rediscover the former feeling, looking at the enchanting and interesting "appeared on the screen, like the girl 21 years ago through time and space, excellent performance and admirable. Devote all the creative best interpretation of the perfect "big" movie "westward journey 3" since its release on the concern, a number of data for the top box office, in a number of films in the high way ahead. As of now, the cumulative box office has reached 350 million, more than second athletes dominate in the same period in the film, easily won the box office champion schedule. So dazzling achievements cannot do without the crew whole-heartedly, the studio all have a special feeling for the "big", not only to make every prop every scene, more fear of bad environment, even against the violent wind to shoot. The creator who is full of passion, director Jeffrey Lau points lying on the ground demonstration performances, face and body covered with dirt do not care; Han Geng play rapid weight loss, shaping the most conforms with the setting of the six ear macaque; Tang Yan pondered over the script, and strive to accurately grasp the character; Karen Mok again and again on the show,. Try my best to do a good job in every detail; Wu Jing is not afraid of difficulties, to complete a variety of stunts and portrait interpretation only is the best "big" end, make a perfect ending for this "big love". "Westward journey 3" is also returning farewell, laughter and emotion intertwined stories)相关的主题文章: