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Children of different ages are afraid of what the study found that in normal children, more than 90% children will have different degrees of fear; 40% of the children aged 2-4 have at least one fear; 43% of 6-12 years old children are afraid of more than seven. Children of different ages have different fear objects, such as: 0-6 months: the high decibel noise, sudden sound, the body suddenly lose support; 6 months -1 years: the general sense of strangers and unfamiliar environment, bathtub and bathtub drainage; 1-2: common sense and sleep. Parental health, injury and defecation; 2-5 years: afraid of the dark, lonely, imaginary monsters, bandits, doctors etc.. Test, the child’s fear normal? Fear and physical development of children and the ability to cope with the situation, with the child’s physical, mental and experience of the development of the continuous disappearance and transformation. In general, the normal development of the process of fear and fear, too short, a fear rarely lasts more than a year, most disappear within three months, rarely have a serious impact on children’s behavior. The child’s fear is normal or sick, can be measured according to the following questions: 1, the child’s nerves are just for certain things or phenomena, not other factors associated with the objects or phenomena caused by his fear? 2, after leaving the frightened thing or phenomenon, the child’s fear reaction will disappear? 3, in the picture, television or general conversation, if the child to see or hear what he is afraid of things or phenomena, he showed no matter what? 4, experienced, the child’s daily life is not affected? If the answer to these questions is "yes", the child is normal in the process of development of scared; otherwise, the child may have psychological disease, especially children are afraid to such an extent is not normal, such as duration of fear more than three or four weeks, resulting in the loss of some ability, with the obvious symptoms: tachycardia, dizziness, nausea and incontinence, which need to children’s hospital. Today, you will exercise the child’s courage? Put your views to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, have the opportunity to get a nice gift Oh ~!相关的主题文章: