Equity transfer of listed companies are sought after by St keen to sell the shell 音羽かなで

The transfer of shares of listed companies sought after *ST companies are keen to sell the investment adviser Paul shell contest: catch demon king Irving peek shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the Securities Times reporter Zhang Qianyao in 2016 three quarterly report disclosure ended, the focus of the market in aggregate earnings rose and the profitability of the company. In Ruoshi among the mergers and acquisitions to become the most determined theme, from the beginning to now, there are dozens of controlling shareholders of listed companies through the transfer agreement or public listing of the way of transfer of ownership, the company has been concerned about the market. Less than two months time, Sichuan Shuangma shares nearly doubled to three times. The evening of October 27th, the suspension of the Sichuan Shuangma released third quarter report, to achieve operating income for the period 1 billion 516 million yuan, an increase of 4.94%; net profit of 46 million 379 thousand yuan, 86 million 490 thousand and 700 yuan and a loss last year, up to profitability. Sichuan Shuangma three quarter performance is not rosy, however, caused widespread concern in the market is a change of control. In August 22nd, the former major shareholder of Sichuan Shuangma Lafarge announced its withdrawal from the largest shareholder, with IDG background of harmonious Hengyuan actual controller Lin Dongliang will become the actual controller of a listed company’s new. Coincidentally, Colin green October 12th announcement the actual controller intends to total holdings of 19% shares, the transfer agreement to Chongqing Dong Cheng Rui Investment Co., Li Dong will become the actual controller of the company’s new. Then the company’s stock trading volume rapidly, the stock price approaching the highest level in history. Offer Dongcheng Swiss industry also said that the next 12 months, do not rule out the planning for the listed company and its subsidiary company’s assets and business sale, merger, joint venture or cooperation with others plan. In addition, the transfer of control after the news release, yingetouzi, pillars of the new material stock price hit a new high in recent years; Macro and sage oil service officially entered in the new controlling shareholder after the suspension of the reorganization plan. In fact, the "equity transfer" and "justice" concept is similar, that a listed company may be easy to master. The reason why the market sought after, investors see nothing is the new owner of the capital, after the trick". With the end of the three quarterly disclosure, with the delisting of the crisis *ST companies are also preparing for the end of the war to protect the shell. Data show that at present, there are 39 *ST companies are likely the risk of suspension of the listing, but in these companies, there are more than 70% listed companies to adopt a restructuring way to protect shell; and nearly 20% of the listed companies to sell assets of Paul shell. Interestingly, *ST Nanjing B because sold two sets of Beijing District Housing losses security shell, and in the capital market to fame. Selling land is not only a shortcut to the A stock prices dress up performance, and become a real non listed company shell protection "the hand of god". Following the *ST B real Nanjing Paul shell, a number of listed companies Phi star hats have to follow. Only since September, there *ST Xin Mei, innovation, HNA Green Court and other 7 companies choose to sell real estate in first-tier cities. The 7 companies, there are 5 companies in the first half of this year相关的主题文章: