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Two years old or bear children? He is a world traveler. (original title: "two years old when you are playing with mud and he is a world traveler") lead: remember 2 years old when you are doing? Play with mud? House? Kuku noisy? Maybe most people are 2 years old! But today O sister to recommend a little traveler, at the age of 2 have followed their parents hiking through the trials of a long journey, perhaps this is the so-called win at the starting line! (source: OnlyLady women’s Volunteers) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Bodhi Bennett is still a toddler, but his life as a backpacker begins 5 days after he was born. Since then, he followed the mom and dad tramp over mountains and through ravines hiking. Now he’s 2 years old! Follow their parents on foot to explore the 40 states and the nation’s largest national park Wrangell – St Elias National Park. Little Bodhi with mother Shannon and father Blake climbing and hiking more than and 300 miles. California Rock Creek Canyon, Bodhi challenges his first crack climbing 27 year old Sharon and 29 year old mother Bodhi Bodhi father Black grew up with a Bodhi around, now, Sharon is pregnant with a second child, a family of four is still on the road. On the Tioga mountain Sharon and linden bounced from the state of California to celebrate the Mammoth Lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Qiandao Lake, then to Yosemite National Park, the Bodhi young age has seen many scenic. From the birth of Bodhi, Bodhi mother on the social network to share a family hiking experience, attracting thousands of fans. "Mama said, everyone said that the birth of a child in your life will be completely changed, he will never do those things when young love, but the Bennett family proved the reliability of this argument is," what see what Bodhi is climbing, we do love to imitate." Shannon in Yosemite Cathedral Peak (left); Boddy with his parents while hiking (right) Boddy and her mother in the Sierra Nevada Mountains Canyon hiking wheat Jihe mountain together, together with the upstream, through the feelings of nature and feel good, mom and Dad together to conquer the feeling father Boddy famous trekking routes summit as an example Boddy and his father go in Yosemite National Park in the family from the mountain down in a society, Boddy’s mother carrying Boddy Bennett not resigned to playing second fiddle, down a California lonepine Alabama camp Bennett in California in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Qiandao Lake camp Boddy in California Rock Creek Canyon now Shannon is pregnant with the climbing Two children, but the family did not stop hiking, their goal is to travel around the world. Wish them good luck!相关的主题文章: