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Han Xiao Zhou Xiuzhi grapefruit color lip   a cured color selection difficult disease – Fashion – people.com.cn original title: Han Xiao Zhou Xiuzhi Grapefruit Lip Color trick cure color selection difficulties do not know to buy what color lipstick? The screen hostess tried a lot to help you take the lead, followed by buying them not to eat lotus root. Recently a lot of drama! Neng beauty is not chase chase on oh ~ (by brain BGM) brain is common for one after another. Of course, the South Korean side of the car also heats up, according to the reports that according to the ratings, "W two" won the 13.5% world drama ratings champion! Any attachment God is crying a plot to let the audience blind, Suzy Neng stimulated a woman did not hold back, and announced that his boyfriend broke up ho ho, said let everyone see I came to see me. (a bright heart shadow area) I say SUZY you don’t get discouraged, you can still continue with the theory of Yan fish cake until end!!’. Well, really, your drama broadcast down, a woman who lip color beauty burst N has been quietly to learn! It is time to give you a beautiful "Scrabble" any attachment & "W two" world women beautiful lips ~ ~ don’t hurt my hand chop (ah hey behind the lost water bottle you stand straight [see] Shen ah) because I know that you think ye see is a color): "any attachment" Suzy love pink to set, Suzy’s PD Lu B small children’s shoes, a live (PO) (LA), so the splash is more colorful and lip color bright, also associated with the job, as the 1/4 entertainment workers, sometimes also need to have some sense of play. The facade. The most photographed is the red line, the color of the lipstick is lining color, yellow white is like super pro test! Will give you a look very beautiful, full of vitality feeling. (car: cormon, commissioning editor Li?) original title: Han filial Zhou Xiuzhi grapefruit color lip color selection difficult disease cure a "W two world" Han Zhou Xiao sweet grapefruit color this year seems popular doctor sister said, Joe sister to letter to Han Zhou Xiao ou nigeria. The occupation of strong people, in the makeup also have certain limitations, use of color can not be too lively (except private time) so we can see most of Han Xiaozhou induction time, are mainly the bare orange lip ~ I the name of grapefruit color! Is orange orange powder powder, orange vitality but, not a little yellow face, with pale pink, pink than to be lively, not so charming disease. Is shallow with grapefruit is all dark grapefruit switch, found that this color is really nice, two master also became a grapefruit color lovers (smiling.Jpg) compared with the previous fashionable grapefruit color red bean color, more young, red bean color are sometimes slightly lower, but not too eye-catching color grapefruit can do. Get eye effect. CPB key to skin beautiful lipstick color RMB 660 new 4G 113 (RMB 450 color lipstick lip box RMB 210) activity of bright colors, except the color effect, both the maintenance effect of the top luxury beauty lipstick, lipstick to become luxury dazzling, and enhance the overall skin complexion)相关的主题文章: