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The main power grid security escort   power supply security summit — Finance — original title: power grid security escort main power supply security summit in August 28th, the G20 summit in Hangzhou officially entered the decisive stage of power protection, the State Grid Zhejiang electric transmission and strictly implement the summit of electrical work, the first time to carry out on-site inspections in Hangzhou power grid and stationed line. According to the unified deployment, Zhejiang power transmission and substation is mainly responsible for the summit of the G20 transmission line external electric security mission, responsible for the Hangzhou city and the surrounding counties of 18 grade and 2 grade a 500 thousand volt AC line site stationed, hidden investigation, information reporting and emergency disposal work, Paul electric line length of the total 365.087 kilometers, involving 903 base tower. For the successful completion of the electric security mission, Zhejiang power transmission and substation set up headquarters, under the three brigade and Paul electric task implementation, equipment support, logistics and other 9 professional technical support working group, a total investment in the field of security staff of 2104 people, 235 vehicles of various types of power line protection. In the process of Paul electric power workers, strict implementation of G20 summit security work requirements, refine the electric security mission, layer transfer responsibility, make emergency plans for special situations may arise in the process of the electricity in advance, clear each section of the line and stationed inspection requirements. Paul electric line workers to overcome the high temperature weather, in every base tower under the erection of tents for 24 hours in, for each piece of wire to carry out the "white and black" all-weather patrol, the first time the discovery and disposal line may suffer from natural disasters and man-made destruction, to ensure safe and stable operation of power grid in Hangzhou area. It is reported that the Zhejiang electric power transmission and transformation to the summit security as an opportunity to further test the grid security ability and emergency response level, ensure the realization of "zero failure and customer zero flashing, zero error, zero complaint service work. The objectives for the G20 summit held successfully to provide safe and reliable power protection. (: Sun Yang, commissioning editor Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: