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Women who are pregnant with twins born? Experts say Sohu maternal twins many parents wish, but pregnant after pregnancy, need to pay more attention, after all, your stomach is two babies, need to pay attention to the more. Below, Xiaobian for everyone to explain the twins should pay attention to what. Twin pregnant women, pregnant women should pay attention to what matters! 1, prevention of abortion and premature birth of twins women’s uterine cavity is relatively narrow, will affect the placental blood circulation. The incidence of miscarriage was 2-3 times of single pregnancy. Therefore, twin pregnant women should strengthen protection and guardianship. Over time, after 24 weeks, the twin pregnancy of pregnant women body burden. The heart, lungs and inferior vena cava may be affected by the oppression of the uterus, prone to palpitation, dyspnea, edema of lower limbs of the situation! Especially in the third trimester, therefore, pregnant women should avoid twins tired, can rest in bed, to relieve the compression symptoms, increase blood flow to the uterus, preventing premature delivery. In addition, the maternal premature twins easily, pregnant women are advised to advance hospital to be produced. 2, pay attention to prenatal hemorrhage twin pregnancy prone to placenta previa. This position easily bleeding. Antepartum hemorrhage is generally progressive, there will be a small amount of bleeding, bleeding after a few days to stop bleeding will increase, leading to massive bleeding. Therefore, in pregnancy should always pay attention to their physical changes, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. 3, it is best to choose caesarean section is the safest and most convenient way of birth. Twin pregnant women to do prenatal care, if there is abnormal fetal position, the best choice of caesarean section, do not run. In the doctor’s advice, choose the most suitable way of delivery. 4, postpartum to have enough time to rest after the birth of twins generally need to stay in bed for about 3 days, according to the physical recovery, the appropriate increase in activity time and activity. Because postpartum vaginal bleeding more, so we should pay more attention to the health of the vulva, in addition to washing with warm water every day 1 ~ 2 times, but also the absolute prohibition of sexual intercourse. For you and the baby’s health, twin pregnant women must regularly check, understand the situation of the unborn baby. In addition, if the body does not appear to be too uncomfortable, timely to the hospital is the key. What are the early symptoms of twins, 1, one of the early symptoms of the abdomen is greater than the normal pregnant with twins, which is more obvious in pregnant women’s abdominal bulge. The twins are more likely to grow and grow more quickly than the fetus during pregnancy, and will be more than the normal size of the pregnancy. Especially after 24 weeks of pregnancy. However, it is also said that to determine the possibility of multiple births, you can also consider the size of the uterus. If your uterus is growing too fast relative to the date of birth, you may be suspected of having multiple births. However, other factors that could explain the uterus to be too large for the duration of the period include premature birth errors, excess amniotic fluid or uterine fibroids. 2, the phenomenon of early pregnancy is more serious women after pregnancy will appear dizziness, fatigue, addicted to.相关的主题文章: