A large truck loaded with a new car suddenly caught fire three men to save millions of dollars luxur 残清1864

A new large truck suddenly caught fire three men to save millions of dollars of luxury cars, Cadillac, BMW, cayenne…… More than and 10 the total value of several million dollars in the car, almost destroyed by fire. Yesterday morning, Hangzhou pier three bus parking lot across the thrilling scene. Thanks to the 3 security guards and administrators at the bus stop, millions of luxury cars have been saved. More than 3 in the morning the truck suddenly HONCO train truck driver in the industry is a shipping company in Hunan, this will be the task of more than and 10 new cars from Hangzhou to Changsha. More than 2 points yesterday morning, in the vehicle and another partner will be large truck parked in the Hangzhou Zhenhua Road, No. 200, three pier bus parking lot across the street. On the truck loaded with 11 new cars, he and his partner to go to nearby businesses will be the last of the two new cars to come over, after loading the truck will leave for Changsha. More than 3 points in the morning, bicycle and buddy will be the new car to truck nearby, only heard someone shout: "fire! On fire!" In the car industry began to see, not good! The place where the fire turned out to be their truck cab, the fire is not small. "Quick fire fighting!" In the vehicle pull buddy, while calling 119, he quickly ran past, with two small fire extinguishers onboard fire, fire can have large, small fire extinguisher has no effect, more and more fire. Seeing the flames from the cab, jump out the rear window broken, the vehicle parked in the truck to the top. "Really anxious to die ah, but how can I do at 3 a.m.!" In the vehicle recall the moment of their mood. Thanks to the coming three at a crucial moment "magic" is at a crucial moment in the occasion, the three magic drop from the clouds. Across the parking lot, ran to three men, they pulled a fire hose onto the truck, but a few minutes, spewing out of the water column will quickly put out the fire in the cab. Later, God back in the industry know, the three men is opposite the three bus parking lot security pier and administrator. The 59 year old is one of them, he is a public parking lot area administrator. Recall the scene yesterday morning, he is also a lingering fear. "I’m on duty, and our security guard patrols in the parking lot every 20 minutes. About 3:25 in the morning, the sound came from the intercom security, said the door was burning up." The root method rushed out and found that the fire was on the opposite side of the parking lot. At that time, an idea in the head, and quickly put out the fire." Application of root method and two master of security division, with fire hose, fire hydrant, fire hydrant distance because the parking lot of the fire truck and a distance, separated by a wall, the root quickly two fire hose connection, throwing over the fence, which led to a fire in front of the goods. "We found that the truck up next to the cab of the first car, bumper and headlamps have been damaged, so quickly with water spraying, flame partition. And then spray the cab. Fortunately, about 5 minutes, the fire went out." The root said, finish off the fire they looked carefully, the truck’s more than and 10 cars are good cars, Porsche, BMW, Cadillac…… Rough estimation value of several million. Root method.相关的主题文章: