Losangeles lawyer said the murderer killed nephew surrendered to surrender on behalf of Sohu – confe-魔界骑士イングリッド

Losangeles lawyer said the murderer killed nephew surrendered surrender procedures do not represent the Hongkong Police News – Sohu pleaded guilty to escort Deyun out of history. Beijing News February 4th, according to the U.S. "newspaper" reported that the local Losangeles county prosecutor’s office said the Shi Deyun case is to surrender procedures, delivery time has not been decided. The lawyer said the analysis, this Shi Deyun’s surrender is not guilty of surrender, but the suspect wanted to hunt and go to war to avoid the police give myself to judicial organs. The Losangeles County District Attorney’s office said two suspected of killing a nephew in the Katie Asia China citizen history has now entered the program Deyun surrender. However, analysis of Chinese lawyer Zhang Jun said that the concept of voluntary surrender and confession confession confession is not a concept, his surrender There will be no commutation transaction. He said, this is to surrender in order to avoid the police spend a lot of manpower and resources to carry out raids on him, but also to leave their dignity to surrender, but does not represent a confession, give myself to the judicial organs, through judicial procedures to resolve the case of surrender. Earlier reports said killed two young Acadia’s parents hope to suspect Shi Deyun was sentenced to death, while the Losangeles County District Attorney’s office has abandoned the death penalty sentencing reports. Losangeles County prosecutors have said no comment on this. Zhang Jun said, at present in the history of Deyun surrendered to the stage, but because the prosecution and suspect the death penalty is not the probability of reaching an understanding to give up, because no hearing. But does not require the death penalty, the families of the victims are part of their views to be taken into account, but not to consider the family, as well as California judicial proceedings, prosecutors handling the case is not a personal matter and finally decided by the prosecutor committee. Zhang Jun said, because Hongkong is not the death penalty area, between the United States and Hongkong area Chinese judicial protocols should be considered, from the legal level of the United States of California practical point of view, but also for many years without the death penalty, so it does not require the possibility of the existence of the death penalty. The police said that the history of Deyun alleged in January 22nd that killed two nephew Lin Zhiwai in Losangeles Katie (William Lin) and the sub city. ANN (Anthony Lin). Shi Deyun a day before the incident was discovered by his wife Lin Yujing (Yujing Lin, transliteration) has to apply to the court for divorce proceedings and restrictions to be beaten, Lin was taken to the hospital. The two young parents to la the evening of January 21st (La Canada) area to visit young aunt, returned home after not found abnormal, the morning wake up, only to find the child’s body.

洛杉矶杀侄凶手自首 律师称程序自首不代表认罪-搜狐新闻   香港警方护送着史德运离开。   中新网2月4日消息,据美国《侨报》报道,美国洛杉矶县地方检察官办公室称,目前史德运案件正在进入自首程序,引渡时间还没有决定。律师分析称,史德运的这个自首并非认罪自首,而是嫌犯避免警方通缉搜捕大动干戈而将自己交给司法机关处理。   洛杉矶县地方检察官办公室称,涉嫌在亚凯迪亚杀害两个侄子的中国公民史德运现在已经进入自首程序。然而,华裔律师张军分析称,这个自首的概念和坦白从宽的认罪自首不是一个概念,他的这个自首不会存在减刑交易。   他说,这个自首是为了避免警方动用大量人力物力来对他进行搜捕,同时也给自己留下尊严的自首,并不代表认罪,而是将自己交给司法机关处理,通过司法程序解决案件的自首。   此前有报道称被害的亚凯迪亚两少年的父母希望嫌犯史德运被判处死刑,而洛杉矶县地方检察官办公室已经放弃死刑量刑的报道。洛杉矶县地方检察官已经表示不对此发表评论。   张军分析说,目前史德运处于自首的阶段,但因为这样检方与嫌犯达成谅解放弃死刑的机率不大,因为毕竟还没有开庭。而且要不要求死刑,被害人家属的意见是他们要考虑的一部分,但不仅仅要考虑家属,还有加州司法程序,不是办案检察官一个人说了算的,最后要由检察官委员会决定。   张军说,因为香港是没有死刑的地区,美国和中国香港地区之间的司法协议也要考虑,从美国加州实际的法律层面来看,也是很多年没有执行死刑了,所以看起来不要求死刑的可能性是存在的。   警方称,史德运涉嫌于1月22日在洛杉矶亚凯迪亚市杀害两个侄子林智崴(William Lin)和林骐安(Anthony Lin)。史德运在案发前一天因发现妻子林愈静(Yujing Lin,音译)已经向法院申请限制令并提起离婚诉讼而将其暴打,林随后被送往医院。两少年的父母1月21日晚上去拉卡那达(La Canada)地区看望少年的姑姑,返回家中后并未发觉异常,次日早晨醒来后,才发现孩子的尸体。相关的主题文章: