The blood rush official is temporarily not to replace sand pear farm women voice-音羽かなで

"The blood rush" official’s farm shall not change the main sand pear farming sand pear beauty voice seiyuu ill news triggered public concern, and her performance animation began to announce. Announced last month in the form of OVA to launch in the second quarter "animation" official in the blood rush yesterday (September 2nd) said on twitter will not change for the heroine Ji Zhong is the voice of sand pear farming with voice. "The blood rush" animation official twitter account announced: "although the firm published for Ji dubbing sand pear farming Zhong potherbmustard sick need recuperation announcement, but is scheduled for the November 23rd release of" blood rush "the black sword II OVA series will still be in the day. About "the blood rush" Ji Zhong pickled role album release, not to replace the dubbing voice. Please continue to support the "blood rush"." For "the blood rush" the official announcement, fans commented: "it’s really good. So maybe I’m sorry to wait for the animator, but I really want the animation to wait until the pear sand comes out again. " "If the official is really determined not to change people, the sale of OVA must be postponed." "I think I only recorded first volumes of the second volume of OVA, after an uncertain future ah!" "If it’s really a larynx, I’m afraid it’s not so good, and I just say the character Song Album doesn’t change, will it? It’s not good to say. "

《噬血狂襲》官方挺種田梨沙 暫不會更換女主配音美女聲優種田梨沙生病的消息引發眾人關注,而她演出的動畫也開始宣佈換人。上個月宣佈以OVA形式推出的第2季動畫《噬血狂襲》官方於昨天(9月2日)在推特上表示暫時不會換掉為女主角姬柊雪菜的配音聲優種田梨沙。《噬血狂襲》動畫官方推特賬號發表公告表示:“雖然其所屬的事務所發表了為姬柊雪菜配音的種田梨沙生病需要療養的公告,但預定於11月23日發售的《噬血狂襲Ⅱ黑之劍巫篇》OVA係列依然會在噹天發售。關於《噬血狂襲》姬柊雪菜的角色歌曲專輯的發售,不會更換配音聲優。請各位繼續支持《噬血狂襲》。”對於《噬血狂襲》官方公告,粉絲們評論道:“真是太好了。這麼說也許對不起等待動畫的人,但是真希望動畫能等到種田梨沙復出再繼續出。”“如果官方真的有決心不換人的話,OVA的發售肯定要延期了。”“我覺得恐怕只錄了第1卷的OVA,第2卷以後的前途未卜啊!”“如果真的是喉病,回來也恐怕沒那麼順利,而且只說角色歌曲專輯不換人,到底會不會呢?還不好說吧。”相关的主题文章: