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"Atypical too wide" Hu Jing: love not only love brand-name bags, hanging wire [Abstract] the son of "envy hate, as long as the daughter-in-law can accompany me to eat durian. Tencent (Wen Li Xue Jianyu entertainment Zhuangao wheat Qin Fuqiang camera) "westward journey 3" conference, Hu Jing wrapped in black red skirt debut, curve graceful, a head of rouluan hair draped over her shoulders, her for so many years is consistent with the image of the screen: gentle atmosphere, full of women. From the "secret history" sourdrang stunning debut maid of "Su Moer" to today’s "sister", seems to be down, but to the end of the conference, a lounge, she removed the "Lady": people who said I like elegant sister? In fact, they are a "skin" girl, in order to play Guanyin is hanging wire! "Cheat" is more than the audience — husband and mother-in-law, is the year of "Su Moer" fans. In 2008, Hu Jing wore million over the entire drilling in the wedding, thousands of Malaysia politicians and business celebrity witness, through a 500 meter white rose married businessman Zhu Zhaoxiang bridges, embarked on a public eye female star of the pinnacle of life". However, the marriage of Hu Jing rarely sun wealthy life, in her words, big name fashion handbags, too expensive, "hands", work only need to buy clothes at home, is a piece of cotton pajamas sent, get rich husband complained that she was dressed too casually, "I have not to see you look beautiful". But early to marry those years, Hu Jing is performing arts production dropped, the news came out, she was pregnant, and her husband together to accept Malaysia’s royal family was given the masses eat melon, not half half sigh envy feeling "entertainment and a few beauty". However, just when everyone thought she was going to have retired, at ease when "wide, too" in 2012, Hu Jing was again out of the heroine. Coincidentally, in the film called "smile" Confidante for comeback, her role is just an ordinary girl married, in order to reveal the secrets of the big hospital, and aunt too, the young masterses wits. Coincidentally, in the TV conference, Hu Jing depression, even when faced with the fans. On the spot whirlwind tears, a seemingly husband complain of micro-blog, and later she sent for a time, Hu Jing was filming her rich block, and her husband divorce rumors rampant. Now mention it, Hu Jing put on a ridicule of the Beijing Film: "ah, but also very serious." She honestly said, her husband certainly hope I can stay at home when the hostess slightly, some small dispute, unhappiness is inevitable, but before long pledge, husband is cannot restrain his filming. Just like before marriage "and date", now, Zhu Zhaoxiang had to go to see her husband cast, even hanging wire, cold water bubble this hard and dangerous scenes, and can only be looking at restraint to say "you are very hard". The upcoming broadcast of the next movie, the last round to Hu Jing’s wish — in which she is no longer a man around to weak woman, but a woman start empty-handed. She hopes the play after the broadcast, a director came to her in "valiant and heroic in bearing the policewoman". But don’t make her cry.相关的主题文章: